Trusty Servant May 2019 No.127 - Page 30

No.127 Artillery 1955-57. Scholarship, Trinity College, Cambridge, 1 Maths. MA 1964. He first worked in Holland with Shell Petroleum Co 1960; then in Colombia for Esso 1964; English Electric Computers 1967; and then returned to Shell in 1968, first as Chief Programmer in Lagos where he reconstructed complex systems and files destroyed in the civil war. He was then assigned to Brazil as Head of Computer Techniques and Development. Finally, he returned to Holland as Head of Economics and Planning, where he was involved in in exploration and production projects, some with budgets exceeding £1bn. He retired from Shell in 2006 and took on consultancy work in the Middle East, predominantly in Oman. He is survived by Patricia, his wife of 60 years who accompanied him on 23 house moves, and their two sons and two daughters. Julian Guy Rowbotham (D, 51-56): died 20.8.2018. He coxed 2 nd VIII. Hertford College, Oxford 1956-59 Medicine and coxed the Blue Boat in 1958 and 1959. He then completed his medical training at King’s College, Durham, MB and BS 1963. He won the Annual Aerobatics Cup in 1969 whilst a member of Newcastle University Air Squadron and then began a long medical career, first as House Surgeon, then House Physician and then Senior House Pathological Officer at Newcastle General Hospital. He acted for a time as Medical Officer at the Shell Hospital, Brunei. He is survived by Dorothy, his wife of 52 years, and their two sons and a daughter. James Michael Grindall Fea (A, 53- 58): died 14.10.2018. Brother of RWBF (A, 49-54) and father of JHMF (A, 87-92). When quite young he had his appendix removed in a hospital overlooking Molineux Stadium and thereby he became a lifelong supporter of Wolves. After spending a year on a farm in the Canadian prairies he returned to the United Kingdom to The Trusty Servant begin a 50-year career in the Law. He ultimately became a partner with Ryland, Martineau & Co. He was Deputy Registrar and Legal Secretary to the Bishop of Birmingham, with duties ranging from donning a wig and gown to process down the Cathedral to sorting out problems under the Clergy Discipline Measure. He was Chairman, the Mental Health Review Tribunal and of the Multiple Births Foundation. He worked for a large number of charities involved in education, art and health in the West Midlands. He was an enthusiastic supporter of the renaissance of Birmingham, particularly through his fundraising for the construction of Birmingham Symphony Hall. He loved sport and skied for over 60 years. He was churchwarden at White Ladies Aston for many years. A true gentleman and a gentle man. He is survived by Clare, his wife of 53 years, and their two sons and twin daughters. Malcolm Reginald (Reggie) Dale (Coll, 53-58): died 13.9.2018. Brother of HJD (K, 54-58). Co Prae, VI (56-58), Running Stripe, Boxing Team, Secretary of Debating Society. University of Grenoble 1959 – French Language and Civilization. Exhibitioner, New College, Oxford 1959-63 2 Mods and 2 Greats. He first worked for the Financial Times in 1963 and became one of the top international journalists of his generation. He made his name as the FT Brussels bureau chief 1968-76, covering the UK entry into the then EEC. He was European Editor, London 1976-81 and then the US Editor in Washington and member of the White House press corps during the Reagan administration. He joined the International Herald Tribune, first as Economic and Financial Editor in Paris 1987-93; he then moved back to Washington as syndicated columnist on global affairs 1993-2000; he founded and edited the European Affairs policy magazine and became public policy scholar at Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington 2002-06. He then 30 founded and became Senior Fellow and Director, Transatlantic Media Network at the Center for Strategic and International Studies 2006-16 and the Atlantic Council 2017-18. He was President, European Journalists Organisation, Brussels 1973-75. He was a fervent Francophile with a home in Hampshire and his village house in Provence which he cherished for 42 years. Married (1) 1965 Bronwen Watkin Williams (marriage dissolved). (2) 1987 Susan Barre (marriage dissolved) (3) 2001 Helle Clausen, who survives him with his two sons and a daughter. Roger de Ferranti Forster (H, 53-58): died 5.12.2018. Father of CPZF (H, 83-89) and SAVF (B, 92-96). He played rackets for the school. Magdalene College, Cambridge where on his Housemaster Ronnie Hamilton’s suggestion he read History; 2 History BA 1963. He was catapulted into running the family farm and later with his wife he set up his own independent farming enterprise where he gave free rein to his many innovative and exciting ideas. He worked with the Grassland Research Institute and the Farm Electricity Council who developed further his ideas. He was a fearless skier, competing for Cambridge. He became an intrepid driver of classic cars and one most memorable adventure, with his middle son, he drove a 1937 Ford V8 ‘Woody’ from London to Saigon through Russia, Tibet, the Gobi Desert and China. He remembered all his life the words of Sheridan ‘Tilbury Fort… very fine indeed!’, drilled into him by his housemaster. A gentle, loving, unassuming but exceptional man. He is survived by Trödissita, his wife of 54 years, and their three sons. Michael Ruarc Eraut (Coll, 54- 59): died 7.9.2018. He was born in Rawalapindi, then in India, now Pakistan. He first came to England on the Empire Windrush – he thus claimed to be one of the first Windrush