Trusty Servant May 2019 No.127 - Page 27

No.127 elders in disputes involving grazing rights. He then worked for Courtaulds 1959 and Vine Fuels 1964, before the National Trust 1967-95. He lived in Beatrix Potter’s old home and was chairman, Beatrix Potter Society. He then moved to Norfolk to join the NT team at Blickling Hall. In 1980, he was a Foreign Office election supervisor in Rhodesia for which he was awarded the Rhodesia Medal. In retirement, he was a NADFAS lecturer and a tour leader 1997-2003. The pen was his favourite tool and his publications included English Rare Breeds, 1989. He was founding member of SongBird Survival. A ‘True English Gentleman’ who treated everyone with equal and unfailing courtesy. He is survived by Jennifer, his wife of 63 years, for whom he constructed their first married home – a mud hut in Nigeria - and their son and three daughters. John Ieuan Middleton (K, 42-47): died 7.12.2018 aged 90. Brother of DM (K, 40-45) and RMM (D, 49-54). Bisley 1946-47 and Captain of Fencing 1945-47. University College, Oxford, 3 Jurisprudence, BA 1952. He first worked for HM Overseas Civil Service in Zambia where he was a District Officer 1953-62. He was a Magistrate 1962-64 and worked for Leeds Permanent Building Society 1967- 89. He retired in 1989 and travelled extensively in the Middle East and Europe. He had a splendid collection of slides which he showed when he was a prison visitor. He found strong support from his involvement with King’s Church, Boston Spa. He is survived by his brothers. Richard William Longworth Wilding (Coll, 42-47): died 29.12.2018 aged 90. Co Prae, Latin Speech, English Essay Prize and Editor of The Wykehamist. National Service with the Intelligence Corps, with whom he served in Austria. Scholarship, New College, Oxford, I Classics Modern 1951 and I Lit Hum 1953. Chancellor’s Prize for Latin Verse. He first worked in The Trusty Servant the Diplomatic Service, with whom he served in Ceylon, 1953-59. He then worked for HM Treasury 1959- 68 and the Civil Service Department 1968-81 and finally he was Head of Arts and Libraries. He was appointed CB in 1979 and retired in 1988. He served as Secretary of the Fulton Committee, which redesigned the structure of the Civil Service: he was a great defender of the principle of its independence and was considered by Lord Hennessey, the constitutional expert, to be the incarnation of what a Civil Servant should be. Publications: Civil Servant – a Memoir 2005, a plea for the restoration of some of the values that were part of the governing norms for most of the post-war period. After retirement, he remained intellectually active, publishing a new translation of the Odyssey in 2011. Married Rosamund de Villiers, who died in 2014 after 60 years of marriage. He is survived by their two daughters and a son. Philip Waring Darwin (I, 43-47): died 4.11.2018. Great-grandson of Charles Darwin. He was the son of WRD (B, 08-12) and brother of GED (I, 40-45). By chance, he went to Hopper’s but would have preferred another house where there was always a good drop of gin to be had! Co Prae. National Service with 3 rd Hussars 1948-49, serving in Germany. Trinity College, Cambridge, 2(1) Economics and History. BA 1952. He qualified as an accountant with Moores Carson in Edinburgh. CA Scotland 52-55. He first worked for Schweppes 1955-60, during which time he was Vice President, Schweppes USA 1957-60. He then became a stockbroker, working for Laurence Keen & Gardner 1960- 81, of whom he was senior partner 1972-81. His leadership and ability to raise morale brought them through to recovery after the crash of 1973. Thereafter he was director of Group Investors. He married his first wife in 1992, 35 years after first meeting her in New York: she died 7 months after the 27 marriage and he took on the running of Perryhill Nurseries in her memory. He sailed, played golf and was an avid Backgammon player. A man of the highest integrity and discretion – and hugely generous. Married Sue Gemmell in 1997. Murray Adams McLaggan (G, 43-48): died 11.2.2019. Brother of JGMcL (G, 48-52) and father of JHNMcL (G, 74- 78). Exhibitioner, Co Prae, English and Latin Speech Prizes; and the Kenneth Freeman and Reading Prizes. National Service with the Royal Artillery, with whom he served in Hong Kong 1949. Scholarship, New College, 1 Classics Modern 1952 and 1 Jur 1954. He was called to the Bar, Lincoln’s Inn, 1955 and became a student and tutor in law, Christ Church, Oxford 1957-66. During this time he was required to give a lecture each month to the whole of the Law Faculty, which he hated but was always excellent. He then gave up the law and managed his family estate at Merthyr Mawr. He worked hard and could often be out until 10pm or later, driving the combine harvester. He became a JP and was a member of the Parliamentary Boundary Commission 1980-97. He was always busy in support of various issues in Wales: Chairman, Regional Defence Committee 1990-9; Chairman Forestry Commission; Chairman, National Trust Committee; High Sherriff, Mid Glamorgan 1978-79; and Lord Lieutenant, Mid Glamorgan 1990-2002. Singing provided him with relaxation and he became a member of Cowbridge Amateur Operatic Society, for which he played a leading role with a fine baritone voice in 14 productions – roles which he played very well despite some ‘Murray Worries’ prior to the show. He is survived by Jenny, his wife of 59 years, and their two daughters and a son. Esmond Hugh Stokes (I, 45-49): died 5.10.2018. Brother of LAFS (I, 41-46) and TGHS (I, 50-56). National Service with the Rifle Brigade with whom he