Trusty Servant May 2019 No.127 - Page 26

No.127 regiment was his second family and as his driver in Aden confided, ‘He’s the type of bloke this mob need. They’d follow him anywhere.’ He is survived by Jennifer, his wife of 67 years, and their son and two daughters. Edward Dennis Armstrong (H, 36- 41): died 24.9.2018 aged 95. Brother of ARA (H, 33-38). Christ Church, Oxford 1941. Commissioned into the Royal Artillery 1943, with whom he served in the Middle East and Italy 1943-45. During this time, he organised the security when Churchill, Roosevelt and Chiang Kai-shek met in Cairo, 1943. After the war he returned to Christ Church 1947, 3 PPE 1948, MA 1951 and played the violin in the college orchestra. He joined Sedgwick Collins & Co Ltd (Insurance Brokers) in 1948 where he remained until he retired as Deputy Chairman of the Sedgwick Group Plc in 1981: he successfully arranged the insurance for Elizabeth Taylor when she was filming Cleopatra. He loved cruising and in 2005, on seeing in a photograph in The Times that Somali pirates had attacked a Seabourn Cruise Line ship and shot out a window, he exclaimed that it was his suite! He rang Seabourn to make sure that the window was properly repaired for his next cruise. He was Chairman, Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, and Vice Chairman, The Council for Music in Hospitals. He was elegant, generous, entertaining and a fantastic letter write – above all, a gentleman. He was unmarried. Harald (Hal) William Curjel Wilson (K, 39-44): died 13.11.2018 aged 92. He was born in in the Punjab where his father worked in the administration and his mother was a research doctor for the Indian Women’s Medical Service. Father of WJRW (A, 77-81). Co Prae. He was commissioned into the Scots Guards, with whom he served in Germany and the Netherlands 1945- 47, during which time he worked with Germans and the Dutch identifying the graves of Allied servicemen. The Trusty Servant Corpus Christi College, Oxford 2 History. MA 1961. After attending the Colonial Administrative College he worked with the Colonial Service in Northern Nigeria 1951-61. On returning to the United Kingdom at Nigerian independence, he qualified as a solicitor 1969. He became the Senior Legal Assistant at the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food 1971-82 and Treasury Solicitor 1982- 86. On retirement, he continued to study languages – he had been one of the best non-native Hausa speakers in northern Nigeria. He struck up an amiable rapport with a Russian, speaking a mixture of German, French, English and Russian. Horse racing was his delight and he won an enormous bottle of brandy with his entry of what one horse said to another before the race: ‘It’s that bloody Tattenham bit that drives me round the bend!’ His Christian faith was the basis of his life. He was a kind, modest, scholarly and friendly man who was always interested in others. He is survived by Gillian, his wife of 59 years, and their son and daughter. Richard Gustavus Lane (D, 40-44): died 19.8.2018 aged 92. Son of CAGL (D, 04-09). His parents’ postings abroad led him to spend holidays with his aunt, a painter and friend of Paul and John Nash, which shaped his career in art and painting. Co Prae and VI. RNVR short course New College, Oxford 1944, Isis Boat 1945. With the Royal Navy 1945-47 in Home Waters, where he spent time painting the sides of warships. He returned to New College, 3 Jurisprudence 1951, then went to the Slade School, University of London 1952-55. He became the Art Master firstly at Hurstpierpoint College 1953- 55, then Haileybury 1955-57 and finally at Christ’s Hospital 1961-85. He founded Fine Art Photography, made educational films and produced high quality slides for Sir Kenneth Clark 1957-61. He exhibited at the RA and had a solo exhibition of paintings at Woodstock Gallery 1982 and at Chapel 26 Row Gallery, Bath 2007. He always put something back into the environment in a very quiet but positive way. He is survived by Pippa, his wife of 63 years, and their two sons and two daughters. Christopher John Vaughan Drummond (E, 40-44): died 20.12.2018 aged 92. He arrived at Winchester having been bombed out of his home in Bromley and started as a day boy. He shared a study with Geoffrey Howe (E, 40-45), with whom he remained good friends. He served in the Royal Signals 1946-48. Magdalen College, Oxford, 2 Theology, MA 1951. He was ordained and became a curate at Barking 1953. He was then a Lecturer at Ridley Hall and Chaplain at Clare College, Cambridge, becoming Charles Simeon Chaplain to Cambridge University 1959. He then went to Nigeria where he was Lecturer and Vice Principal of Immanuel College, Ibadan 1963- 69. Returning to the UK, he was successively Vicar at Walthamstow and Team Rector of Stantonbury 1974-84. He then became Diocesan Ecumenical Officer for Oxford 1984-88 and was on the Board for Mission and Unity and the Council for Christian Unity on the Synod 1988-91. Finally, he was Priest-in-Charge of Colton, Lichfield 1991-94. He developed a life- long love of Nigeria and was appointed Hon Canon of St James Cathedral, Ibadan in 1987. He is remembered as a great listener and teacher and is survived by Gwyneth, his wife of 58 years, and their son and daughter. Christopher John Hanson-Smith (F, 42-45) died 9.10.2018 aged 90. Son of a forester in Burma. Head of House, Natural History Prize. Commissioned from OTS Bangalore into the Royal Norfolk Regiment, with whom he served in BAOR 1947-48. New College, Oxford 1948-49, including Lausanne University Cours de Vacances 1948. He first worked as a District Officer in North Nigeria 1950- 59 where he spoke Hausa and Fula fluently in order to engage with tribal