Trusty Servant May 2019 No.127 - Page 23

No.127 AK Weymouth (C, 97-02) has just won the £5,000 Sunday Times Young Writer of the Year Prize for Kings of the Yukon. Particular Books; ISBN: 978-0241270400. EW Wigram (G, 55-60) has been living as a healer and teacher for 30 years, helping people to open to their hearts, to know that love is life, and to live as love. He has written The Cosmology of Love. Balboa Press; ISBN: 978-1982214890 Business The Joint Administrators of Bloodhound Programme Ltd, the brainchild of RJ Noble (E, 59-64) have announced that a purchaser for the business has now been secured, which will allow the Bloodhound SSC project to continue. The Trusty Servant Sport Athletics SD Baines (G, 84-89) represented Great Britain at the World Masters Athletics Championships in Malaga in September, competing in the 45-50 year old age category. He finished 4th in the cross-country, helping GB win the team bronze medal, and was placed 5th in the 10k road race. Rowing The following competed in the 2019 Boat Race: Dara Alizadeh (Co Ro, 15-17) CU Blue, TM Schroder (Coll, 12-17) OU Blue, HR Durward (E, 12- 17) Goldie, L Robinson (C, 12-17) Isis. ASC Wythe (Coll, 12-17) was part of the Oxford squad. JM Temple (C, 09-14) has continued his impressive year by coming 3 rd in the LM1x at Senior GB trials. The top four were some 30 seconds clear of 5 th . This is a phenomenal achievement and builds on his success at U23 level during the summer. James is the fastest lightweight rower ever from Win Coll, or at least in the last 20-30 years. OWFC Tom Goulding (G, 05-10) describes an important game: On Saturday 9 th February, some of the last surviving OWs who attended the school pre- war were part of a crowd of around Media Simon Aldridge’s (H, 88-92) feature story on the 1952 Cunningham C4- RK was published in Octane Magazine 191, May 2019. Simon has been a regular contributor to Octane since 2015 and founded his own motoring- news website in 2017. If you have any interesting subjects for a future feature, he can be contacted at 23 50 old boys, dons, parents and friends of the Wykehamist community to watch the current OWFC face the Old Carthusians in the Arthur Dunn Cup, the prestigious competition that dates back to 1903. William Slack (D, 38-43) and Rob Tillard (D, 37-42), both in their 90s, led a famous OW side to victories in 1948 and 1950 and cheered alongside Micky Fontes (D, 55-60) and Ian Maclure (I, 47-52), from the last OW team to win the cup in 1961. Ending the 58-year barren streak would require beating the Carthusians, who had won the cup six of the last eight times, in an era of undoubted hegemony over old boys’ football. Hugo Sever (I, 08-13) in defence and George Herring (I, 09-14) in midfield helped ‘The Dubs’ battle fiercely in the first half, against a side with several players fresh from playing professionally in non-league football, and we felt a win was within our grasp, with the score 0-0 at half- time. Regrettably, defending corners was our downfall, conceding three in quick succession shortly after half-time. Mike Hodnett’s (C, 08- 13) free kick got one back but the game finished 4-1. Ensuring survival in a tight Premier Division of the Arthurian League remains on the 2018/2019 season’s agenda.