Trusty Servant May 2019 No.127 - Page 22

No.127 evocative description of the Great Fire of London, and the Pitch Flow Demonstration in Science School, which has a good claim to be the world’s longest running scientific experiment. Each of the 50 essays has been written by a member of the school community: pupils, dons, employees, alumni and members of the governing body. The result is a series of personal responses to the College’s treasures. The book is richly illustrated with specially-commissioned photography, and an introduction sets the development of the collections in the context of the College’s history. The book will be available to purchase on Amazon from the beginning of June. Copies will also be on sale at Winchester Match on 15 th June. Scala; ISBN: 978-1785512209. £20. Richard Stillman (Co Ro, 12-; Head of English) has produced a survey of WW1 OW poets which has been turned into a digital book by Jessica Glueck (Co Ro, 18-): wwi_poetry_feb_23.2. Dr FJA Bettley (E, 71-75) has produced a new edition of the Pevsner Architectural Guide to Hertfordshire. This fully revised and up-to-date guide to the architecture of Hertfordshire is an eye- opening introduction to the wealth of fine buildings that can be found right on London’s doorstep. Yale; ISBN: 978-0300223903. Professor DA Gillies (Coll, 58-62) has written Causality, Probability, and Medicine on the philosophy of medicine. In the final part, he found that the philosophical thesis for which he was arguing, concerning probability in medicine, needed to The Trusty Servant be supported by a mathematical theorem, which he tried to prove, though without success.  He asked Dr AW Sudbury (Coll, 56-60) whether he could prove the theorem, and sure enough he was able to do so. Routledge: ISBN: 978-1138829305. ML Hichens (H, 39-43) has written The Pursuit of Truth, which presents portraits of a number of philosophers over the ages, describing their achievements and failures. www.offthe pressbooks. com; ISBN: 978-19164092 RM Kirwan (Coll, 51-56) has written Snape: Glimpses of Life in a Suffolk Village between the Napoleonic and the Great Wars. An account of life in the nineteenth century in the village of Snape which was briefly the home of Benjamin Britten and is now the location of the famous Snape Maltings Concert Hall – for many years the location of the author’s family home. Surry Hills Books; ISBN: 978-0646981086 Professor H J Macdonald (Coll, 52- 58) has produced his latest musicological oeuvre: Saint-Saëns and the Stage. With four 21 st -century revivals as a backdrop, this timely book is the first study of Saint-Saëns’s operas, demonstrating the presence of the 22 same breadth and versatility as in his better-known works. Cambridge University Press; ISBN: 978-110842638. Rear Admiral JAL Myres (A, 49-53) has written The First and Second Arctic Medals (1818-1876), which explores the lives of 2,655 men who were given these 19 th - century awards. Words by Design; ISBN: 978-1909075733. Revd MS Philps (C, 64-69) has written Kingdom Come: Essential theology for the twenty-first century. Sacristy Press (www.; ISBN: 978 -1789590036. Also available as an eBook from Amazon. Dr PE Robertshaw (E, 52-56) has written HOWDUNNIT? Amazon Books; ISBN: 978-1790379125 Dr Colin Strachan, father of JOJS (K, 84-89) has written a book on Dr ER Frazer, Open Fever. His sons were JE Frazer (D, 1914-20) and CE Frazer (D, 22-24). Jack Frazer died in a skiing accident and his father created a science scholarship at Balliol for OWs and also gave the money for Frazer Tent in Meads in his memory. Australian Golf Club; ISBN: 978-646994703.