Trusty Servant May 2019 No.127 - Page 21

No.127 of the bill for work - £37.17s.7d, including ‘two large planes’ at 1/- each to Isaac Keen of Southampton. It is thought the trees should last for 300 years, but to ensure an orderly and gradual succession rather than seeing them all replaced at once in c.2081, cuttings were taken from each of the trees three years ago and raised The Trusty Servant at Hillier’s nursery. In late March six were planted around Meads, another in the Warden’s Garden and two in Lavender Meads, to replace ash trees suffering from die-back. Several more will be planted as part of the Southern Campus project and some will be planted at St Cross Hospital. The work has been generously funded by Sir Richard Storey (H, 50-55), who has also commissioned artist Emily Patrick to paint Meads in oils. Let us hope that a generous Wykehamist is around to fund their replacement in time for William of Wykeham’s 1000th birthday in 2320. Old Wykehamist News Academic PW Barker (G, 75-77) has been appointed Head of School, Design & Communication at Plymouth College of Art. In January, RCL Beale (Coll, 90-95), 3 rd generation Collegeman, took up his appointment as a Group Leader at the Crick Institute, the biggest single biomedical laboratory in Europe. Oxford University has announced the creation of the Richard Blackwell (Coll, 31-36) Pharsalia Professorship to lead the way in investigating colorectal disease. The Chair has been supported by his son NS Blackwell (A, 60-65). Professor Richard Dawson (H, 90-95) has been appointed by DEFRA and the Devolved Administrations to the Adaptation Committee of the Committee on Climate Change, an independent statutory body established under the Climate Change Act 2008 to provide advice to government on building a low-carbon economy and preparing for climate change. Appointments JMH Ellison (F, 66-71) has been appointed Senior Managing Director with FTI LLP. This follows 13 years as chairman of KPMG Forensic, testifying in international arbitrations around the world. RHF Fuller (H, 73-77) has taken over as Chairman of Kempton Park racecourse. JOd’A Orders (E, 70-75), a Member of the Committee of MCC, is now appointed to the Arts and Library Sub-Committee. NWR Shakespeare (F, 70-74) has been elected an Honorary Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities. The Wykehamical family is well represented among the 2019-20 English shrievalty: Bristol - CJC Wyld (F, 70-74); Essex - Dr FJ Bettley (E, 71-75); Hampshire - Mrs CS Le May, mother of HG Le M (E, 05-10) and OW Le M (A, 12-17); Northamptonshire - NANS Robertson (H, 63-68); Oxfordshire - The Lady Jay of Ewelme, wife of MH Jay (C, 59-64). Art In March, N Botting (G, 77-81) held an exhibition of his work at the Portland Gallery in St James’s. In December, PS Phillips (F, 67-71) introduced a series on Radio 3 The Glory of Polyphony. 21 Awards CE Garrett (C, 76-81), our Ambassador-elect to Kyrgyzstan, was appointed OBE in the New Year Honours. Books OWs are encouraged to inform us of all of their publications. We are of course particularly interested in those of a biographical nature which include reminiscences of the school and life at Win Coll. 50 Treasures from Winchester College, edited by Dr Richard Foster (Co Ro, 12-; Keeper of Collections). Over the past six centuries Winchester College has acquired remarkable collections of books, documents and works of art. A new book highlights 50 of the school’s treasures, many of them published here for the first time. It includes some of the most famous items at Winchester, from the Founder’s Statutes and the stained glass in Chapel, to the 16 th -century Winchester Partbooks and Le Moyne’s Annunciation (1727), currently hanging in the National Gallery. There are also some fascinating objects which are less well known: the diary of William Emes with its