Trusty Servant May 2019 No.127 - Page 19

No.127 Go Bo Vale Jean Ritchie retired as Fellow at the end of Short Half. A QC and Head of Chambers, married to a Wykehamist and mother to two more, Jean became a Fellow in December 2008. She has played a significant role on the Works Committee, joining it after a month as Fellow and becoming Chairman in 2014. Her watch has overseen, among at least 25 material projects, the New Hall renovation, several boarding-house refurbishments, the conversion of Warden’s Stables into a relocated Treasury and most recently the preparation for the Southern Campus project. Her Works Bursars praise her sympathethic and discerning oversight. The Warden describes her in his valedictory speech as ‘diligent and dedicated in spades’. We thank her for all her hard work. Si monumentum requiris, circumspice. The Trusty Servant Half and Jacub Bojdol joined as a Junior Fellow in Mathmā. We offer all of these a warm welcome. At the end of Short Half, Tom Bird (Classics, since 2015), Nicola von Bossel-Hill (MFL, since 2016), Ben Ponniah (Economics, since 2018) and Al Muzaurieta (Gordon Fellow in Rowing & MFL, since 2018) left us. At the end of Common Time, Simon Tarrant (DT, since 2008) moved on to become HoD at St John’s Leatherhead; he will be succeeded as HoD here by Callum Barnes. At the end of Cloister Time we will bid farewell to: Peter Cornish (Maths since 1987; retiring); David Ceiriog- Hughes (MFL since 1989; HoDo of D, 98-10; retiring); Rachel Poole (Biology since 2011; HoD at PGS), Charlotte Roland (Gordon Fellow Economics since 2017; further study at Oxford); Estzer Backhausz (Maths, since 2018; Godolphin & Latymer); and Sophie Glenny (JF Music, since 2018). We also bid farewell again to Marjorie Huntley (History & Div since 2004; retiring), rumours of whose retirement in 2017 proved to be exaggerated. We thank them for their contributions. In addition to these dons, whose full vales will be printed in the next Wykehamist, we bid farewell to the following members of the College community: Do Co Ro: Ave atque Vale In addition to Howard Ionascu (Director of Chapel Music) and James Thorne (Classics), who were mentioned in our previous addition, Heather Wagstaff (Economics) and Mandy Ramsbottom (MFL) joined us at the start of Common Time. At the beginning of Cloister Time, Tim Meldrum joined the Economics department, Emma Aitkenhead (DT) returned to a permanent post after providing sabbatical cover in Short Andy Coles retired at the end of March after 30 years of tending House gardens. Graham Jarvis, the Common Room Steward since 2012, left at the end of Common Time. Graham brought some much-needed military order to the role, having served previously as an RN steward, including a stint on HMS Ark Royal and then at Fort Blockhouse. He ran a very tight ship with the accounts, turning a loss into a healthy surplus with his ring-binders ensuring that every Mars bar was paid for. Each autumn he turned one room into a poppy- 19 appeal smörgåsbord of everything from pin-badges to military bath ducks. Together with his fund-raising in Fareham, he has collected over £31,000 for the Royal British Legion over the last three years. He was also a great supporter of Corps summer trips to the Lake District, happy to get up at 4am to drive tired boys and dons to the base of the next peak or shore of the next lake, although his stertorous sleeping caused colleagues to choose their pitch carefully. He leaves us to take up a role at Jacobs Coaches. Kevin Coates, the Works Manager, leaves us at the end of May 2019. He started at Winchester in May 2011, having worked at the College intermittently since 1997 on jobs for local construction companies. His tenure has seen him oversee a huge range of projects; the one that gave him most satisfaction was last summer’s refurbishment of the private side of Cook’s: wholesale mechanical and electrical replacement along with new kitchen and internal redecorations and flooring throughout, all completed in six weeks programme. Kevin moves on to work for himself providing construction management services. He will be succeeded by Paul Legg. Rachel Wragg, Curator of Treasury, leaves at the end of Cloister Time. Rachel arrived as Museum Development Manager in 2012 and oversaw the transformation of the Warden’s Stables into the new Treasury. She stayed with us as Curator when it opened in 2016. Under her tenure the Treasury has been moved to the heart of pupils’ experience, with every JP man slipping on a pair of white gloves to handle the Greek vases (while their div don looks on nervously) and senior boys regularly curating their own exhibitions, on subjects from the school’s NHS, to the reception of classical antiquities