Trunkline Magazine (Louisville Zoo) Trunkline Magazine: September 2017 - Page 18

SPONSOR THANKS Every day, the Louisville Zoo welcomes visitors, supports conservation projects, creates once-in-a-lifetime memories and cares for endangered wildlife. Just like our animals, corporate partnerships with the Zoo come in many shapes and sizes. Your business or organization can partner with the Zoo through many different opportunities including event or program sponsorships, group events and more! With attendance of over 863,000 this past year, your brand has the potential to reach a significant number of families in the region. Special thanks to our generous sponsors for these programs: GET HEALTHY WALKING CLUB & WALKING CLUB EXPO NIGHT SAFARI BREAKFAST Sponsored by 2017 SEASON PRESENTED BY Save the date for 2018 Walking Club Expo. July 14, 2018 WATER WOWS Presented by ADVERTISING AGENCY OF RECORD MOVIE NIGHT SERIES Presented by OFFICIAL BEVERAGE OF THE LOUISVILLE ZOO BACKYARD ACTION HERO GUIDEBOOK Presented by KY PROUD FATHER'S DAY & BUTTERFLIES N' BLOOMS Presented by ROPES COURSE Presented by ]H[YK]\H[YK\Hۛ[HXZ[ ܙX]Z\ݚ[H\XH][ۜ˂[HZ\]‰NBܙX]\˘HܙX]\\Y\˘HܙX]\ٜ[\KB[Y][H\ٙ\˂[Z]ۙH\ۈ\\Y\[Y]\X\][Z\ݚ[B\XH[ۜ˂ٙ\^\\Έ L ̍M‘[\]H M\H&\[\][ۘ[ [ˈ[Y\\Y NLL̂N8(Z\ݚ[H[[H8([ M”ˌ^ WZ\ݚ[WL ˚[ BLM L