Trunkline Magazine (Louisville Zoo) Trunkline Magazine: September 2017 - Page 14

Family costumes make this event "super" special! Hot Tips 1. We are often asked by members: what are the best nights for my family to attend the Halloween Party? In general, because of $1 member tickets, the first two Saturdays are typically the busiest days, especially if the weather is nice. For a quieter experience, easier entry, and parking, try attending on a Thursday or Sunday later in the month. 2. What about times? The 5 – 6:30 p.m. timeframe is also our busi- est party time. You may want to consider attending later in the evening to enjoy the twinkle lights, lanterns, carved lite pumpkins and the glowing atmosphere of the Zoo at dusk! 3. Wear comfy shoes. The trick-or-treat trail is ap- proximately 1.3 miles long or around 3,330 steps! 4. Complete your costume with a special face painting session from the artists at Kaman's Face Paint (Additional charge). 5. Because this is one of our highest attended events and the Zoo's largest fundraiser, be prepared to head out a bit early to arrive at the Zoo when you planned. Visit notices for any travel advisories. Best Times To Attend THUR. FRI SAT. SUN OCT. 5 OCT. 6 OCT. 7 OCT. 8 OCT. 12 OCT. 13 OCT. 14 OCT. 15 OCT. 19 OCT. 20 OCT. 21 OCT. 22 OCT. 26 OCT. 27 OCT. 28 OCT. 29 6. As always, don’t forget to print your tickets before you head off to the Zoo; it will speed up your entry time. You can use your mobile device also, but be sure to pull up the email or stored document well before checking in. LARGE CROWDS (typically) POSSIBLE LARGE CR ”PSTԓŒM8(Z\ݚ[H[[H8([ M