Trunkline Magazine (Louisville Zoo) Trunkline Magazine: September 2017 - Page 11

SUSTAINABILITY Keep the "Tricks" Out of Your Treats! Autumn means Halloween, candy and partying at the Zoo! The American Association of Zoo Keepers (Louisville Chapter) and their animal friends would like to remind you to check the labels on candy and other household products for unsustainable palm oil before purchasing. This ingredient has some potentially scary outcomes and is pervasive — and can be found in almost everything we use. To produce it, the natural habitats of so many of the world’s wonderful creatures are being destroyed. Look for sustainable palm oil products or products without palm oil. There are many apps to assist you, but one of the easiest can be found under palm oil in your app store. Just look for the green orangutan icon from Cheyenne Mountain Zoo! Or visit The Louisville Zoo event staff also strives to ensure that candy given at the booths during our Halloween party is made with either sustainable palm oil or is palm oil free! LET'S RECYCLE OUR SUCCESS If you’ve visited the Zoo recently, you may have been wondering where all the recycling bins went. Did you know the Zoo started a new wet/dry recycling program in the spring? Now, instead of hav- ing to know what’s recyclable and what isn’t, all you have to do is separate wet trash f &G'G&6vR6VBFR( G'v7F^( &0vF6V"&w2F%2&V76ƖpvW&RFW6'BFR&V76&W2g&ЧFRG&6FRWr&w&V0F&WfVB&V76&W2g&vpFFRFf&V6W6RFWvW&P6VBFRw&r6FW"vPV7W&rvR֗RW"&V76ƖpB67FrvRVVBW"6FVVBVW"&W7FW&B&V2( vWBv7F^( Ц2fBBƗVG2vVRf6@FR&W7FW&B&V2V6P67&RW"VgFfW"fBBƗЧVG2FP67@&BW@FR&W7B`W"G&66VFpW"FW0B7W0FRG'v7FR&धW7Bf"FR6v2V6W&vPFW'2FF666FBvR6R7W&RWfW'FrvW2FFP&vB6RFRV7fR276FP&WB&V76ƖrB67Fp( BBvRrR&RF0&W76&R7FWv&G2bFRWBvR&R&VBF6FBvFW VvRfR67FVBfW"`F2bfBv7FRg&FR&W2ЧFW&G266RV'FN( 2&PFFRvVvBbF&VRVWG2TU"$T54PV7fRG'VƖR( "f#r( "