Trunkline Magazine (Louisville Zoo) Trunkline Magazine: March 2017 - Page 5

Kindi and surrogate mom Kweli Kindi exercises shows off her mesh climbing abilities. ecstatic to see all of the prepa- rations made until that point come to fruition. Kweli is wonderfully attentive to Kindi and has perfectly fi lled her role as a gorilla mom. She contin- ues to keep a watchful eye on Kindi as the young gorilla exercises her ever-growing independence, now confi dently climbing cargo nets, ropes and mesh. Kindi has become an expert at riding on Kweli’s back, her primary mode of transportation through the exhibit spaces. She also shows an increased interest in interacting with Gorilla Forest visitors. She has grown from an orphaned infant gorilla hand-raised by our Gorilla Forest care team into a thriving playful gorilla with a devoted sur- rogate gorilla mother. We are so proud of Kindi’s progress and of the keepers’ steadfast care. Kindi is now on rotation with Kweli in Gorilla Forest. You can check her daily schedule at Lou- (subject to change). We hope you’ll visit us for her birthday celebration on March 18, 2017. Gather round in Gorilla Forest and sing "Happy Birthday" as our Kindi enjoys spe- cial treats and birthday enrichment items. Be sure to visit LouisvilleZoo. org/kindi for more precious photos and video plus more details about her journey so far. Kindi interacts with a visitor at Gorilla Forest. Article photos courtesy of Weasie Gaines Photography, Jill Katka, Robert Kemnitz, Kyle Shepherd and Jacob Zimmer (at Zymage) Conservation corner: We are proud to have raised $77,000 toward wildlife partners like Pan African Sanctuary Alliance, Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International, International Elephant Foundation, Polar Bears International, Snow Leopard Trust, and Wildlife Conservation Society during the last 12-month period ending in July 2016. Learn more about our wildlife partners at Louisville Zoo Trunkline • Spring 2017 • 5