Trunkline Magazine (Louisville Zoo) Trunkline Magazine: March 2017 - Page 27

DONOR RECOGNITION ANNUAL FUND Mrs. Doris L. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Gary M. Anderson Mr. Nicholas R. Angelini Mr. Darius Arabadjief Ms. Julie Atkinson and Mr. Jeremy Smith Mr. George R. Bailey and Ms. Porter Watkins Mrs. Mary J. Beale Ms. Carol Ann Behringer Mr. George R. Bergen Dr. and Mrs. Martin W. Brooks Mr. and Mrs. Karl Buechler Carriage House Ms. Maureen Chambers Ms. Wendy Dant Chesser Community Foundation of Louisville, Inc. Drs. Denver B. and Jane Cornett Ms. Renee M. Croket and Mr. Harvey J. Venier Mr. and Mrs. Jay Crouse Mrs. Bethany Darrall Mr. and Mrs. William J. Deatrick Ms. Andrea Derouen Rachel Dieterlen Deborah Feiste Ms. Barbara C. Ferguson Kyle Ferguson Jason Finley Dr. and Mrs. Larry Florman Mr. and Mrs. Randall L. Fox Miss Cindy K. Froman Mr. and Mrs. Dan Furguson Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Garrett Mrs. Shelisa Gautreaux and Mr. Joe French Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Goad Mr. and Mrs. William L. Guenthner Ms. Teresa B. Hall Ms. Monica L. Harman Steve & Sue-Sue C. Hartstern Clarice Hayes Jackie Hobbs Mr. and Mrs. Darren M. Holmes Dawn Jacob Mr. Erik J. Jansen Ms. Barbara J. Kalkhof Mr. and Mrs. Matt Kamer Jared Kane Mrs. Deborah C. King Mr. and Mrs. Allan H. Latts Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Lehman Ms. Judith L. Lesher Reverend and Mrs. Harold Linn Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Loyd, Jr Mr. and Mrs. Neil D. MacDonald Ms. Julia H. Martin Ms. Tracie Matheis Mr. and Mrs. David W. Miracle Mrs. Julia M. Morris Mr. and Mrs. R. Charles Moyer Sarah Nestler Michael O'Dea Mr. and Mrs. Roy M. Pearson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Brad K. Phillips Mr. Steven Phillips Mr. Neil Poro Beth Puri Mr. and Mrs. Anthony G. Raluy Ms. Nancy A. Reavley Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Reesor Ms. Melanie Rieser Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Ronald Mr. and Mrs. David B. Russell Drs. John and Marilyn Sanders Mrs. Karen Schenkenfelder Mr. and Mrs. Keith P. Scully Ms. Barbara A. Sego Mike and Marilyn Seiler Max and Ellen Shapira Cathleen Shircliff Dr. and Mrs. Roger J. Shott Drs. Terry L. and Nancy G. Singer Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Singh Tanitra Snardon Tiffany Spencer Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Stewart Mr. and Mrs. William A. Stone Mr. and Mrs. Gregory W. Stowers Mr. and Mrs. Randall T. Sullivan, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. William E. Summers, IV Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Taylor Dr. and Dr. Sunil Thirkannad Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Regan Thomas Ms. Cheryl Triplett Mrs. Genarose R. Turner Mr. Louis Vale Mrs. Jeanette S. Vize Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Vogt Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Wall Mr. Joseph D. Walsh and Dr. Maria R. Schweichler Mr. and Mrs. John T. Walczak Mr. and Mrs. James C. Ward Mr. and Mrs. David G. Wilkins Ms. Heather M. Winders Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Winkelhake Mr. and Mrs. David Y. Wood Ms. Grace Wooding Dr. John C. Wright and Dr. Kay T. Roberts Congressman and Mrs. John A. Yarmuth Mrs. Joyce Yarusi Mr. and Mrs. William W. Young Yum! Brands Inc. SUSTAINERS SOCIETY Dr. and Mrs. Joe F. Arterberry Ms. Pattie Dale Tye LEADERSHIP CAPITAL CAMPAIGN Mr. and Mrs. Allen M. Bond III Ms. Laura J. Clark Mr. and Mrs. David Daulton Mr. Charles A. Edwards and Dr. Amy E. Johnson-Edwards Irvin F. and Alice S. Etscorn Foundation Mrs. Jean W. Frazier Gifts received Oct. 26 through Dec. 31, 2016 (All gifts of $100 or more are listed in this publication) Frazier-Joy Family Foundation Friends of the Louisville Zoo Ms. Kathy R. Gahm Ms. Kelly Grether Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Halbleib, Jr Mr. and Mrs. John V. Hayes Harry A. Lipski Ms. Nancy Barrett Lou