Trunkline Magazine (Louisville Zoo) Trunkline Magazine: March 2017 - Page 11

Penguin Nesting Season The fi rst little penguin nesting season arrived at the Louisville Zoo! Two pairs of penguins took part this year: male penguin Boost with female Broccolini, and male Eminem with female Cody. The penguin pairs made their nests in cozy nesting boxes fi lled with sand and nesting materials like sticks, twigs and hay. At the time of this article, each penguin pair had lain two clutches of eggs and the parents were taking turns incubating the eggs. Little penguin nesting season generally lasts through March in Australia but sometimes longer. You can see the nine little penguins on exhibit this spring during days above 50 degrees. While they are nesting, they may be off exhibit periodically. A Rare Sight Last year, the Louisville Zoo was proud to celebrate the 25th anniversary of its Black-Footed Ferret Conservation Center. Now, you can fi nally see North America’s most endangered mammal back on exhibit. Black-footed ferret Rigatoni is ready to make your acquaintance in the MetaZoo Discovery Center. Rigatoni is 5 years old and hails from the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute (SCBI). Rigatoni’s new MetaZoo habitat includes a nest box (like those in the Conservation Center) which connects to his exhibit via a system of tubes. This nest box is only visible on the keeper side but allows him an alternative space to rest in the evening. Rigatoni, like all black-footed ferrets, enjoys sleeping during the day, sometimes burrowing into the hay in his exhibit. When he’s awake, you can see him playing and exploring his new habitat. Origami Record A Seal of a Different Color Joining the California sea lions and harbor seal in Glacier Run is Rona, a gray seal. Rona is a 3-year-old fe R&&BFP6֗F6F&27FVFǐvWGFrW6VBFW"Wr7W'&VFw>( GFPV7fR2&rWrv&Bf"W"vFWr6W2Wr2BWr06^( 2WfW"6VV&Vf&R&26VVr6VƖ2f"FRf'7BFRBFRV7fR6R6^( 2&VGB6f'F&RvFW Wr7W'&VFw2BW"WrV@2^( &R&RF6VRW"F27&r&FFv6W"'VगBw2ff6PVVBW2'&VwVW72v&@&V6&BFPV7fR0r'B`FRwVW70v&B&V6&G>(J FFRf"FP( &vW7BF7b&v֐VWG2( F27B7VW"VwW7BRVVBW2f@&v֒VWG2F6VBFFRVWB66W'fFw&WfVWG2f"FV"&V6&BGFVBBF&6Pv&VW72bFRƖvBbFRg&6VWBFvWFW"'F6G2BFRV7fRw6FRFW"27&70FRF7&VFVBsScB&v֒VWG2B6GFW&V@FR&WfW2&V6&Bb32scBf"&Rf&F&W@7W'&VBVff'G2F6fRVWG2Bv2FVV6Rf6@fVWG2&pV7fRG'VƖR( "7&r#r( "