Trunkline Magazine (Louisville Zoo) Trunkline Magazine: March 2016 - Page 8

8 • The Louisville Zoo Trunkline • Spring 2016 A Safari through New Y Africa ou’ve probably seen the signs, read Zoo articles and emails or followed our posts on social media — waiting patiently with anticipation. The time has arrived. An all-new enhanced and expanded African area is ready for you. Come experience the adventure! Let’s take a virtual tour first… Your journey begins at the Savannah’s edge with a view of the bongos at play. The large African antelopes with their distinctive auburn and white-striped coat are romping through their new exhibit space and lounging in the sun on the flat grassy terrain. As you look over the barrier to greet the bongos, one snorts at you in response and rubs its large curved horns on a stray log. Nearby sand-colored addax, native to north central Africa, rest in a sand wallow. Welcome to the Louisville Zoo’s African area, a land of enchantment, excitement and education for the whole family. As you round the bend in the trail, you are greeted by the lifelike “Ely” bronze elephant sculpture created by artist Meg White, a perfect location for a selfie, or ”Elfie” in this case. From the comfortable vantage point of nearby benches in the new garden, you can see an enormous new wall with its East African tribal patterns. Beyond the wall, elephants roll in clay and play in the water. As you venture closer to this stylized, elegant wall inspired by architecture from Mombasa, a city on the coast of Kenya, elephants choose to approach and size you up while you gaze back in wonder. A Zookeeper wanders by to explain that the elephants may now choose to press a button with their trunk to spray themselves or passersby with water. What a temptation. Suddenly, you are misted with cool water from the spigot above the gate! Continue along the trail and you are entranced into trying a whole new experience and adventure — a camel ride! Large, trained dromedary camels are waiting to transport you