Trunkline Magazine (Louisville Zoo) September 2018 - Page 6

Existing Tiger View Shelter Existing Tiger Exhibit Snow Leopard Overlook (Holding Below) Cliff-Side Habitat Base Camp Education & Interpretive B ass yp p B ath m P Ca in ase Ma / fascinating area of the world. The class- room will also feature a slide so kids can climb just like the snow leopards — an entertain- ing experience for kids and likely the snow leopards too. These FEBRUARY are just 24, a few 2017 new enrich- ing features that will give the cats more places to explore, more op- portunities to encounter guests and more ways to interact with their keepers. More choices and enrich- ment means better animal welfare, an essential consideration in the exhibit design puzzle for modern accredited zoos. You will also have more chances to be enthralled and learn the powerful story of this The design plans for Snow Leopard Pass including exhibits, viewing, and pathways. Although most of the physical amazing aspects of the exhibit will be com- species. The Lou- pleted by this fall, the keepers will spend the winter getting to know isville Zoo the lay of the land, outfitting work also had some unique spaces, establishing and practicing new safety protocols and of course, challenges taking a lot of time to train and to consider help the snow leopards acclimate for this ex- hibit. Kimti, our to their new habitat. If you're lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of special needs the snow leopards exploring their 6-year-old male new space from time to time. snow leopard, While we share their challeng- requires extra atten- ing story with you and care for the tion because he was precious animals here in Louisville, born with a medical we want to remind you that with condition that affects his your help (visits and memberships), vision. What originated as we also commit financial resources Leopard Leap, designed to to field conservationists through the allow the snow leopards to use Snow Leopard Trust, an organiza- their tremendous leaping abilities tion helping snow leopards in the across vast spaces, is now Snow Himalayas through research, moni- Leopard Pass. This presents a safer toring snow leopard populations but still adventuresome option for and public outreach. Snow Leopard Kimti and the other snow leopards Trust works with local communities that will live there including 3-year- to shore up commitments to protect old female NeeCee that arrived last these majestic cats. Recent efforts year, and a new 1-year-old male included helping locals to purchase joining us later in 2018 from Los Illustrative Site Plan and build livestock corrals in N an Angeles. The snow leopard Species 20’ 40’ to protect both 80’ livestock and Survival Plan (SSP) arranged for this 0’ effort leopards. new arrival. (SSPs are a coordinated Long-term partner Whittenberg effort to manage threatened or en- Construction is heading up the dangered species, facilitate healthy construction efforts for these two and genetically diverse populations new exhibits as well as generously in managed care and create a safe- supporting the Zoo's 50th Anniver- guard for animals facing extinc- sary celebration in 2019. We invite tion in the vanishing wild.) Snow you to experience Snow Leopard Leopard Pass will also include an Pass and Colobus Crossing next outdoor behind-the-scenes yard to spring and join us in celebrating provide better options for training, a half-century of amazing stories animal care and management of about the Louisville Zoo — includ- multiple leopards. A maternity den ing your own! will be added as a provision for any future cubs. L E O PA R D L E A P E X H I B I T S Did you know? Your Zoo has won three distinguished awards from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) , the accrediting organization for Zoos, for its contributions to innova- tive zoo exhibit design for Glacier Run, Gorilla Forest and the rotational Islands exhibit. 6 • Louisville Zoo Trunkline • Fall 2018