Trunkline Magazine (Louisville Zoo) September 2018 - Page 5

Above: Visitor overlook for high viewing is in progress. Right: The roofing is almost completed and the walls are going up on The Cub House presented by PNC, an educational space. home. It is a giant, complex puzzle with ever-changing pieces. For this issue of Trunkline, we will show you some of the pieces of the puzzle that is Snow Leopard Pass. Next issue, we'll take you to equa- some synchronicity in our storytell- torial Africa to learn about Colobus ing and viewing of two endangered Crossing and the primates that will big cat species. share it — black and white colobus Snow leopards, native to central monkeys and Schmidt’s red-tailed Asia and the Himalayas, are fac- monkeys! ing increasing strife due to hu- The building of Snow Leopard man encroachment onto Pass allows us to recommit their formerly wild and our Zoo to supporting dramatic mountain this vulnerable big cat This exhibit habitats — they species whose num- will offer a are being hunted bers are estimated to be between just more spacious and because of their threatening prox- 2,500 and 10,000 dynamic habitat imity with people individuals. Snow for the cats and and livestock. leopards have been Snow Leopard at the Louisville more engaging Pass will invite you Zoo since 1992. experiences for to imagine their We decided that we life on the edge of needed to start telling Zoo guests. a small Himalayan vil- the story of this vulner- lage in Nepal, where out able species and its current of necessity, the humans and challenges in more compelling snow leopards are learning to coex- ways if we are to help it survive. ist. Visualize granite boulders, rock Moving snow leopards to a new formations, flagstone courtyards area ripe for expansion and near and staircases set into mountain- the magnificent Amur tigers allows side. You will see buildings themed to resemble the aged stucco buildings in Nepal featuring wood accents, bright Tibetan colors and prayer flags. The Tibetans believe these flags, when blown by the wind, promote peace, compassion, strength and wisdom. This exhibit will offer a more spa- cious and dynamic habitat for the cats and more engaging experienc- es for Zoo guests. You will discover new views of the snow leopards when they explore their new pas- sageway, which will go right over your head. There will be cooling rocks inside the exhibit for the snow leopards to lounge on. The adja- cent Cub House presented by PNC will invite young children to watch the snow leopards bounding just beyond the expansive windows built into the classroom that is themed with interactive Himalayan arti- facts. Children will learn about the people and the animals living in this Louisville Zoo Trunkline • Fall 2018 • 5