Trunkline Magazine (Louisville Zoo) March 2019 - Page 21

ZO FR OR O A EE W M DM ITH EM IS BE SIO RS N HI P Butterflies n' Blooms May 18 – Sept. 22, 2019 The beautiful colors of springtime are arriving along with another kaleidoscope of color — our Butterflies n’ Blooms exhibit! Back for the third year, this popular outdoor flight house located across from the addax exhibit features hundreds of brilliantly-colored butterflies fluttering in the sunshine and sipping nectar from vibrant native flowers. Experience the magic of these delicate creatures up close. If you wear something brightly colored, you may even attract a winged hitchhiker! This exhibit is a stunning favorite and provides a great opportunity for a family photo. Butterflies are truly wondrous to behold — but did you know they are also helpful to humans? Butterflies provide an essential and incredibly valuable ecosystem service; 2019 Season they are pollinators. About 1/3 of our fruits presented by and vegetables come from flowers that are pollinated! Come let your summer take flight and leave with a better understanding of the environment and the protections needed for the survival of these precious creatures — plus, learn ways to help them thrive in your own backyard! Learn more about the exhibit, a list of butterflies you may encounter, frequently asked questions, dos and don’ts for the exhibit, download a marvelous butterfly screen saver and more at Did you know? FLUTTER FEST The Louisville Zoo is proud to be a certified Monarch Waystation providing critical habitat for monarch butterflies as they make their long migration to Mexico. Our garden has been growing for 2 years now and is finally seeing some mature plantings. Find out how to become a waystation at the butterfly section on our website. Saturday, Sept. 21, 2019 Help us tag approximately 1,000 butterflies for release to coincide with the monarch butterfly migration. Jump into our fun buggy activities, games, butterfly talks and even a pollinator parade. Mark your calendars. Learn more at Louisville Zoo Trunkline • Spring 2019 • 21