Trunkline Magazine (Louisville Zoo) March 2019 - Page 12

New Exhibits New Animals We’re happy to report that our two new exhibits have been completed and will open this spring! With the opening of these two new exhibits, Colobus Crossing and Snow Leopard Pass, we have lots of new animal ambassadors we can’t wait for you to meet! Snow Leopard Pass Located near Tiger Taiga, this new snow leopard habitat will transport you to a small Himalayan village in Nepal and introduce you to the elusive snow leopard. You’ll learn how villagers are striving to live in balance with the snow leop- ard to support conservation of this majestic species. Snow leopards are masters of camouflage and can bound up to 50 feet in one jump. Once the exhibit opens, visit often to spot the snow leopards on the talus rock slope. A Snowy New Arrival In late February, new snow leop- ard Meru arrived in Louisville from Los Angeles Zoo. Just 1.5 years old, male snow leopard Meru will join snow leopards Kimti and NeeCee in the new exhibit! Assistant mammal curator Michael Jones said, “He is a big boy; he will be the largest of three snow leopards here in Lou- isville.” Meru arrived via a UPS air cargo plane. Michael accompanied Meru during the flight to Louisville, jump seating with the UPS aircraft crew. The last several weeks before Meru’s arrival, Michael worked directly with UPS staff for clearance with FAA and Home Land Security regulations as well as going through jump seat training. A special thanks to UPS for generously offering to move Meru from LAX to SDF. That's what you might call a "wild ride!" A Wild Play Space The “village” will also include an early-learning play space, The Cub House, presented by PNC. This adjoining early- childhood education space features a huge window where kids can get nose- to-nose with these big cats. Programs will help young people connect with animals, habitats and cultures across the globe. Stay turned for more details on these new programs! 12 • Louisville Zoo Trunkline • Spring 2019 OPENING LATE MARCH 2019 (Top) New snow leopard Meru, that arrived at the Louisville Zoo in late February. (Middle) Snow Leopard statue (Bottom) Interior of Snow Leopard Pass in final stage of construction