Trunkline Magazine (Louisville Zoo) December 2018 - Page 22

PHILANTHROPY YOUR ZOO: community treasure, animal experts, sustained impact By Kelly Grether, Director of Development A visit to the Louisville Zoo is more than a chance to see some of the world’s most amazing species up close — nose to nose, eye to eye or hand to paw. It’s an opportunity to relax, unwind, de-stress and reconnect. Numerous community members have shared with us that almost immediately after entering the gates of the Zoo, they feel at peace. They literally feel physical changes to their body. Their shoul- ders relax. They walk a little slower. They breathe a little easier. Their mind is at ease and they smile. These guests shed the stress of ev- eryday life just by visiting the Zoo. Our community members value the op- portunity to wander their Zoo, interact with staff, and observe and connect with animals like Amber the orangutan, Qannik the polar bear, or western lowland go- rilla Kindi. Many have shared their appre- ciation for the ever-changing botanical scenes throughout the Zoo: the joy of seeing daffodils, tulip poplars and azaleas bloom in the spring; the majesty of giant oak and ginkgo trees and the bam- boo over 20 feet tall that provides shade from the summer heat; the vibrant mums, falling leaves and the evergreens and holiday decorations in fall and winter. They appreciate the Zoo staff who provide the best care for our animals and ensure as many children and families as possible are in- troduced to these beautiful, special creatures. They feel proud because they know the Zoo has inspired thou- sands of people to pursue careers in animal care, education and a variety of sciences— and stirred millions more to appreciate the benefit of having a Zoo in their community. If you can relate to the feelings above, we ask that you consider joining the Louisville Zoo Sustainer Society. This is an exclusive group of individuals — like yourself — who support wildlife conserva- tion, education, environmental sus- tainability and a fi- nancially strong future for your Zoo. They are members who wish to ensure the Louisville Zoo is available for the community to use, support and enjoy for generations to come. Sustainer Society members receive full mem- bership benefits, offer significant support to the Lou- isville Zoo Fund and aid in providing an array of education programs, exemplary animal care and enrich- ment plus vital species conservation and scientific research efforts. As a member of the Sustainer Society, 10 percent of your gift will also be directed toward a special Louisville Zoo initiative of your choice including conservation SUST INER SOCIETY 22 • Louisville Zoo Trunkline • Winter 2018 programs, scientific research, field trip scholarship funds or animal enrichment. Giving levels begin at $1,200, which can be established as a recurring monthly contribution of $100 per month. A portion of each level of giving is tax deduct- ible. To learn more, please visit or contact the Development Office at (502) 238-5615. Did you know? A gift of… • $500 will provide a 1-day supply of produce for our gorillas • $250 could plant a tree that will become part of our browse garden for animals • $100 could provide 200 lbs. of bananas for all our animals • $75 will provide a day’s worth of fish for all seals and sea lions in Glacier Run • $25 will provide a day’s worth of hay for one elephant