Trunkline Magazine (Louisville Zoo) December 2018 - Page 10

"Our ambassadors could use some toys this holiday season." LOUISVILLE ZOO ENRICHMENT TREE It’s the season of compassion and creating bonds. Show our animal friends how much you care with a gift to the Louisville Zoo Enrichment Tree. Enlist your kids, family mem- bers, students and friends to join the fun and help select and donate items to enrich the lives of our precious Zoo animals. The Louisville Zoo Enrichment Tree, presented by the Louisville Chapter of the American Association of Zoo Keep- ers (AAZK), is similar to the Angel Trees seen inside malls. The dif- ference is that your donations go to help your favorite Zoo animals get new enrichment items! These enrichment items increase behav- ioral choices, provide engagement and stimulation and draw out species-appropriate behaviors and abilities, thus enhanc- ing animal welfare. It’s easy to participate. All through the month of December, there will be a tree located on the Zoo’s front plaza that is decorated with paw print tags. Each tag lists a dollar amount. Amounts vary from $5 to $100 so everyone can participate. Simply remove a tag and take it into the gift shop where you can make your donation. The money you donate will go toward purchasing enrichment items for the animals. Want to purchase an item outright? Visit our website at to see a list of items. Just be sure to provide your purchased item and selected tag to the Zoo receptionist during regular business hours by Dec. 31, 2018. help out at LouisvilleZoo.or g/tree From Mayor Greg Fischer In 2019, the Louisville Zoo will celebrate 50 years of helping to educate and inspire our city’s future leaders in wildlife conservation, protecting endangered species and leading innovations in how zoos across the globe are built and managed. Since 1969, our Zoo has also been providing Louisville families and beyond a wonderful place to reconnect with nature and create memories that they will treasure forever. As populations move toward 10 • Louisville Zoo Trunkline • Winter 2018 increasing urbanization and immersion in technology, the Louisville Zoo continues to provide a critical natural oasis, reminding us to disconnect, experience nature and each other and be more compassionate stewards of our planet’s wildlife and wild spaces. Our Zoo has played a vital role as Louisville has grown through the core city values of lifelong learning, improved health and compassion. Join me in congratulations to the Louisville Zoo and its team on the upcoming golden anniversary!