trueCOWBOYmagazine Sept/Oct 2014 - Page 71

Cowboys? by Jeff Hildebrandt Do cowboys still find time to rhyme when cattle’s bedded down? Or do they just hop in their cars and beat it back to town? Do cowhands still swap stories like those hands did years ago? Or is that bit of history gone like the buffalo? The romance of the range lives on around the campfire’s light in the minds of all the wannabes who spend each day and night doing what those cowboys did a hundred years ago. And it’s up to full time buckaroos to let them think that’s so. They long to ride Ben Johnson style with smooth and flowing grace. Have a showdown with a grizzled cur and spit right in his face. They’re living out a fantasy in hats and chaps and vest, pretending to be real cowhands in the wild and wooly West. Say what you will of tenderfeet, of dudes and wannabes but if the West is to survive it’s up to folks like these. Cause, were it not for wannabes, why use a horse at all? They’d round up cows from ATV’s while making cell-phone calls.