trueCOWBOYmagazine Sept/Oct 2014 - Page 66

GMK: What was the highlight of your four years with the Mustangs? HAD: The highlight was the whole four years. Every bit of it was exciting. After having made friends with them and being able to ride through the herd and say, “Come on, let’s go” and have them follow me, all 1500, at an easy gallop, well, that was always a thrill. GMK: The Horse Lover is well written; witty, whimsical, and wise. Will you write a sequel? HAD: Hadn’t thought about that yet. GMK: What does horsemanship mean to you? HAD: There are a hundred definitions of horsemanship. The ability to bond with the horse and have the horse respond and respect you is the ultimate definition for me. Whatever the horse is doing; jumping, or working cattle, the most important part is the bond between the rider and the horse. Connect with H. Alan Day: Twitter handle: FB Page: Goodreads: About Gina McKnight: Author, equestrian, poet from Ohio, USA. She is also the contributing writer of iVIEW for tCmag. Lillian Smith