trueCOWBOYmagazine Sept/Oct 2014 - Page 37

Our Buckle Bunny Katie Cleary Born and raised as an only child by her mom on the North Shore of Chicago, our Buckle Bunny Katie Cleary knew she wanted to be an actress at a very early age and her mother’s encouragement was only one attribute that the single mom bestowed on Katie. “My strength, confidence and drive comes from my mom,” says Katie, “if it weren’t for her hard work, love and unending support, I wouldn’t have had the e confidence to move to Los Angeles and pursue my dreams and a career in acting and modeling.” Katie’s first big television hit Next Top Model” while still in that she landed a NBC’s hit show, hosted by Howie was model #11 for Katie is an camera host with the TV Guide, Now, and the break came from the show, “America’s with host Tyra Banks college. Shortly after modeling role on “Deal or No Deal” Mandel, where she over four years. accomplished on credits that include Channel, E!, News travel show, “Get Out”, on HDTV. Katie’s career landing roles in Break Up”, Lake Man 2”. Her TV and she has New York”, of Engagement”, Class” and many continues to grow. began to explode films including, “The House” and “Iron credits grew as well appeared in “CSI: “Entourage”, “Rules “Chuck”, “Working more. Her resume Always an animal lover, Katie began early on in her life to advocate for all animals including the wild mustangs. Katie has helped to find homes for hundreds of abused and abandoned animals. She has volunteered her time at numerous animal sanctuaries and rescues including Tippi Hendren’s, Shambala: a sanctuary for exotic, big cats and the Wild Life Way Station. Fotographs courtesy of Harrison Funk. Copyright 2014 Harrison Funk. All rights reserved.