trueCOWBOYmagazine Sept/Oct 2014 - Page 33

Attempting to create a consumer market for horse meat has failed in the United States. Grocery store shelves carried horse meat for a time in the 1970’s, it failed. Even US pet owners, either afraid of the health risks or disgusted by the concept, refuse to buy products containing horse meat for their cats and dogs. The “Moran Amendment” to appropriations passed the House Agriculture Committee and was included in the 2015 Appropriations language. This language would “defund” inspections on horse meat effectively shutting down horse slaughter plants on US soil until 2016. Until, 2016, and then, if gone unchecked horse slaughter plants will re-open in the USA. In 2004 a program called, “Sale Authority”, became a brutal reality for our wild horses. Simply stated, this program allowed the bulk sale of wild horses for as little as $10 a head. Many of these horses were sold to known kill buyers. They are called “kill buyers” because that’s what they do; they buy horses with the intent of killing them for human consumption or feed. If you weren't aware, lions and tigers in zoo’s are fed horse meat. In recent news an investigation we participated in uncovered 1,700 of these wild horses going to one man, Tom Davis. We have still not been updated as to any ramifications for such a sale approved by the BLM. Since that story broke BLM claims to have “tightened up” their sale program allowing only four such horses to be purchased by one individual. Believe me, kill buyers can get around this one as well. Yet if you read the fine print , additional horses can be obtained through “permission” from the BLM. BLM denies it sells wild horses to slaughter, although selling to a kill buyer is essentially selling the horses to slaughter. Politicians operate on semantics and hidden agenda’s; that’s called politics.