trueCOWBOYmagazine Sept/Oct 2014 - Page 24

tCmag: Who were some of your ear ly role models and heroes of the Old West that shaped your life and you subsequent career? BC: Oh, there are so many. J ohn Wayne, Will Roger s, it’s a long list. tCmag: You’re a pretty big, burly guy, known for strong, tough roles. Is it true you studied ballet? BC: I did. It helped my movement incredibly. But here’s the real truth, there was an oil man in Lubbock and his daughter wanted to be a ballerina so he went to Russia and hired the best ballet teacher there, brought him back to Lubbock to teach his daughter ballet. Problem was he was having a real hard time finding boys who would take lessons and he needed boys to lift the girls. There was a girl I was interested in in the ballet classes and I ended up in her ballet class. Come to think of it, a lot of my decisions usually involved getting the girl! tCmag: Your ear ly career was pr imar ily theatre; Shakespeare, classic plays and one man shows. Did the theatre experience serve you well as you moved into film roles? BC: I star ted studying Stanislavsky and Chekov ver y ear ly on in my career and I still love theatre and live performance. It also improved my voice and posture. I didn’t like to get hurt so I Y