trueCOWBOYmagazine Sept/Oct 2014 - Page 22

tCmag: What was the name of your fir st hor se? BC: A smar t Quar ter Hor se mare named Topsy. We did some cutting and roping. Topsy was sold when she was 12 years old to a man that wanted a riding horse for his daughter. I told him unless his daughter knew how to ride this wasn’t the horse for her. I could ride her for two hours or so and she was fine with me but she wouldn’t put up with people that didn’t know horses or how to ride them. This man insisted and paid me $500 for Topsy. A few days after that, I was driving down the strip past the ranch where Topsy was and she was out there with the young girl on her spinning like a top! I got out of my truck and yelled “Topsy” and that ole mare straightened out and just walked with the young girl on her. One day I saw her new owner beating on her with an inner tube to make her submit to him. When I told him to stop he replied, “Not your horse anymore.” I told him, well, we ca