trueCOWBOYmagazine Sept/Oct 2014 - Page 21

m Barry Corbin J .M. Bar r ie, the author, by his mother. He played football, br iefly, in 8th gr ade, arts at the University in Lubbock. At 21, he joined the United States Marine Corps 1960s, but is better known for his roles of the local sheriff, military leader, or some llains as well. Corbin is well remembered as General Beringer in “War Games”, d in “Any Which Way You Can” or Roscoe Brown in the acclaimed western s” as Sheriff Fenton Washburn. In 1983, Corbin co-starred in the famed television ies, “Boone”. From 1990 to 1995, Corbin portrayed former astronaut Maurice mination. In 1994, Corbin narrated the acclaimed TBS documentary “Moon Shot”. a role in 2008's Oscar-winning film “No Country for Old Men”. Corbin can be seen wnee Smith. Many of his films have been westerns and Corbin's proficiency in the e breaking into film and has an avid, genuine enthusiasm for horses. In 2009, Corbin ber 2011, Corbin was given a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Estes Park Film cowboy long enough to be interviewed here! st hor se? ved to New York and got on a horse in Central Park and that was the most boring hey can handle me, sometimes.