True North Living: 19/2 Shorewood 19/2 - Page 6

Georgia sees beauty in even the common things. She has an elegance about her that brings people in. When one looks at her beautiful garden one sees her gift. "I like living at Shorewood Senior Living. [ ] I am free to live my life the way I choose too. I participate in Bridge tournaments and am in and out almost every day. I love to spend time out in my garden where I find peace and beauty." ~Georgia 6 | 541.997.8202 Dean is in love with nature and it loves him back. If he touches a living plant of any kind, it responds. He makes us a true believer of the saying, “Green Thumb”. "I enjoy living at Shorewood Senior Living because it feels like home. [ ] My wife and I live our lives in comfort and privacy. We have company when we want and/ or just stay home. It is nice to have meals prepared and housework done. I enjoy being able to plant my vegetables, herbs and flowers outside and spend as much time as I want. I share the fruits of my labor with my neighbors." ~Dean Shorewood Senior Living