True North Living: 19/2 Eug/Spr Edition 19/2 - Page 2

Making a House a Home with Music and Pets Will Forsyth, Vice President and General Counsel Compass Senior Living . . .music and pets are important parts of what makes our Compass communities "home". 2 | Evergreen Senior Living 541.607.9525 | What makes a house a home? A warm fire in the fireplace, savory smells emanating from the kitchen, a comfortable place to sit. And, of course, people close at hand that care about you, on the good days and especially the less-good days. But what else? When you think of home, it likely also conjures up things such as music filling the air, and a trusty pet at your side. These are the things, in ways both large and small, that provide the life and warmth of home. And these are all things you can find, every day, in great abundance, at any of our Compass communities. For this edition, I’d like to focus on the music and the pets that are important parts of what makes our Compass communities “home”. Music has an extraordinary quality that makes us feel alive and brings us together. It seems that not a day goes by where there isn’t a musical offering in our Compass communities. It may be a guest musician or school choir playing a concert for our residents, or a multi-talented staff member playing the piano (if you’re ever in Green Bay, Wisconsin, please stop by Carrington Assisted Living in early afternoon to listen to cook Megan Kurtz play for the residents, it’s wonderful). Our residents frequently get into the mix as well – one highlight from this past year was playing guitar with one of our Memory Care residents in Illinois; while some of his mental faculties were waning given dementia, his fingers knew exactly where to go on the fretboard! We also are proud of our Music Makes Memories program that provides residents with the tools – complete with customized playlists – to listen to the music they’ve loved throughout their lives, and in turn sparking connections with life experiences associated with those sounds. And pets . . . I have a soft spot in my heart for pets, as pets tend to bring out the best in us humans. At my home, family dogs Gracie and Stella rule the roost and provide an immeasurable amount of joy, love and humor . . . their tail-wag greeting at the door never gets old. Similarly, it’s great to see so many pets in our Compass communities, providing joy and companionship to residents and staff alike. Pets are such a large part of our communities that I think it’s time they received some fitting recognition: yes, a “Dogs of Compass” calendar. Please send along your photo of a pet in your Compass community, along with a caption, to me at We’ll see if this dog can hunt – I’m anticipating we’ll have some great material to work with! In closing, I’d like to thank all of our residents and staff for making Compass communities not just great places to live and work – but for making them “home”. Will Evergreen Memory Care 541.689.3900 |