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What is a “wait list”? Why be on a “wait list”? How do I add my name? The person who is just beginning to look for senior living may be surprised when. . . they find out that the community where they are looking, has no availability. Some communities like Shorewood Senior Living offer various types of floor plans. Say you want a one bedroom and only need one bathroom, but you do not want to give up the family dining room table. Well, there is an apartment that can accommodate that need. However, you are about six months to a year from being ready to make the commitment. So, how can you be assured that, when ready, you will be able to move into your dream home and still have room for the holiday meals around the table? A wait list. Then there is the shopper who wants the smallest unit available and has already downsized, but needs to sell the house. Yes, a wait list. Some people walk through the door and say, “I’m ready” and they find that perfect apartment just waiting for them. However, other times, it can take up to 2+ years. The fair way to handle availability is; yes again, the wait list. It is important to know there will be a place to call home, once the decision has been made. This is how it works at. . .SHOREWOOD SENIOR LIVING. There is no fee for having your name on the list. It is a service offered to you. If you are called that the perfect apartment is ready, but you are not, your name will go down one line and you will be called the next time that floorplan is available. This rotation keeps repeating itself until you are ready and move into your dream home. So, come in for a tour. There will be zero pressure and if you would like, you can become a part of the ever so popular wait list. Niki Hill • • 541-997-8202 [ 8 | 541.997.8202 Shorewood Senior Living