True North Living: 19/1 Shorewood 19/1 - Page 10

Rick says… “I was born to cook”. He actually began cooking professionally at age 16. One of our staff members said watching Rick cook was like “poetry in motion - He can multi-task.” He has Southern roots and it shows in the signature dish of Southern Fried Chicken. Fresh only, never frozen. He likes to cook with organic products, and always fresh. When asked how he keeps 70 people happy at once he said he was not sure, but leaned on his cooking prowess. Previously from Little Brown Hen, and now such a blessing to have him at Shorewood Senior Living. I asked Rick for a quote and he said, “I feel I was meant to be here and I love having the freedom to use my creativity.” Thank you, Rick, for joining our team and helping make Shorewood Senior Living a great place to live. Welcome to Shorewood Senior Living Rick Charles - Chef 10 | 541.997.8202 Shorewood Senior Living