True North Living: 18/4 Shorewood 18/4 - Page 7

At Shorewood we promote active healthy aging by carefully designing activities to meet the needs of our residents and to encourage new possibilities. Residents are free to choose to participate in the things they would like to. We offer physical fitness programs such as balance class, yoga and kickball as well as a fitness room for individuals who prefer to work out alone. Our wellness classes are aimed at nutrition, physical activity and brain health. Each class lasts six weeks and provides residents with the tools needed to make healthier choices and gain a better understanding of what they can do to feel better and possibly increase longevity. Guest speakers bring informative presentations to Shorewood on a variety of subjects. We have had local artists, authors, photographers, astronomers, and our local cannabis retailer provide inciteful and educational material for us. Each month brings new opportunities for exploration. Mystery drives are regularly scheduled and involve journeys off the beaten path. Other outings include luncheons, day trips, museums and shopping excursions here in Florence and in Eugene. 1451 Spruce Street, Florence, OR 97439 | 7