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I have moved through my life, guided by the silent My life is a book, with chapters created from every anticipation and stereotype of what each stage of my milestone, moment, or mundane/routine/ordinary day life should look like. I became focused on seeking certain I have lived so far. Some chapters are thicker, happier, expectations, or landmarks so to speak, that I thought I or more exciting than others, but these scripts are what needed to achieve during each decade as I build the story of my life. aged with the vision of my future during . .used as a verb it means my teens hitting its pinnacle when I hit Crescendo. . . Crescendo. to increase in loudness or intensity. I middle-age. And then, all of a sudden I used as associate this word with music, mystery found myself sitting at that pinnacle. That novels, movies, dramatic tv shows, and age where I realized that I am now on the a verb it the list goes on. But I have never thought cusp of a stage in my life that seemed so means to to use that word to define my life. . .until far away, elderhood. While the story I now. increase in have written so far is good, it is not really what I envisioned and it sure isn't over. loudness or We are supposed to get better, smarter, wiser with age, not simply exist to mark I have started to think about what aging intensity. time. There are a lot of people out there looks like and how I will wear it as I move just like me wanting to change the face of closer to that reality. Will my hair turn aging, to change our perception of what gray? Will I use a walker? Will I have to give up my drivers license? Will I shuffle when I walk? Will I view it our elderhood will look like. as a time of life where I sit in a rocking chair waiting for So grab that pen, write that next chapter, and create the inevitable? Will it be considered a time when living your crescendo. I know I am. becomes viewed as 'going through the motions' just to Age loudly. Live intensely. get through a day. As I enter my fifth decade of life I am one of 108.7 million folks age 50-plus. This includes 76.4 million boomers (born 1946-64), compared with 49 million Gen Xers and 82 million millennials. Moreover, people 50- plus will continue to grow over the next decade to the tune of 19 million vs. a growth of only 6 million for the 18-49 population. 1451 Spruce Street, Florence, OR 97439 • • • • • About the author: Tina Woodcock is the Graphic Designer at Compass Senior Living in Eugene, Oregon. Tina creates all of the print advertising for 21 Compass Senior Living communities in 7 different states. She takes great pride in sharing the goodness, loyalty, faith, and fun of all of our communities. | 5