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PHYSICAL FITNESS and Weekly wellness workshops are held to educate attendees about the latest research and findings related to increasing physical activity, making better nutritional choices, and improving brain health. Free educational booklets are provided by the National Institute on Aging. Working from these books we are able to set goals, measure our abilities, note our progress, and see the beneficial changes as we progress through the course. HEALTH The brain health workshop will begin in July and will cover tips for improving memory, puzzles, games, and other workouts for the brain. We will discuss the anatomy of the brain, identify important brain structures, and learn how to keep our brains active and healthy. BRAIN Shorewood provides balance classes three times per week which focus not only on balance but also strength, flexibility, and endurance. Yoga class is offered weekly and an exercise room is available with stationary bikes as well. A meditation group mee ts every two weeks for relaxation and stress reduction. A healthy lifestyle is important throughout our life but even more so as we age. Staying healthy or working to improve our health can often times be a struggle. At Shorewood we are committed to empowering residents to reach their independent goals and attaining the best health possible. 1451 Spruce Street, Florence, OR 97439 With the workshops, classes, exercise room and more, we are able to provide residents with an array of beneficial options for reaching and maintaining optimal health. i | 9