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On being a Caregiver What is the heart and soul of senior housing? Who is the heart and soul of senior housing? Caregiving and Caregivers. Our business is alive and supported by a very large group of wonderful people – our Caregivers. We all know that without our caregivers, we don’t Dennis Garboden, President have our industry. Currently we are in Compass Senior Living what some have referred to as a crisis situation. This is in response to the difficulty of finding good quality people to care for our elders. Think how difficult of a job this may be. You, as a caregiver, are responsible for daily tasks such as bathing, passing medications, helping to dress, and grooming. But as any caregiver can tell you, the larger responsibility of the job is the social interaction between caregiver and elder. That is why, when searching for good caregivers, the “culture fit” is more important than the technical task abilities. You can provide training for skills – but you need to start with their Goodness. You hire Good people – then you train the tasks. Caregivers need that goodness within them, as across all business types (assisted living, nursing homes, childcare, disabled), it is imperative for the job. Leaders and business owners must see themselves as caregivers. By this, I mean we need to care for the caregiver. Be good to your caregivers and they will be good to our elders. Take care, Dennis Garboden Would you like a FREE subscription to True North Living Magazine? Please email or call 541.997.8202 or stop by 1451 Spruce Street, Florence, OR. To learn more about True North Elderhood, check out our website at or follow our True North Elderhood blog at 2 | 541.997.8202 Shorewood Senior Living