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C hair Yoga at By Jarka Popovicova, PhD, Certified Yoga Instructor Chair Yoga class has been a staple in weekly Shorewood activities for 2 years. There are many myths about what yoga is or is not. Yoga is a Mind-Body experience / practice to increase one’s own awareness of himself/herself with a goal to calm the mind. Yoga is for everybody as it is essentially about getting in touch with one’s self, increasing awareness, and calming one’s own mind. The movements and poses are the means to get there as they provide different point of view to learn about yourself and the body while you strengthen muscles, increase flexibility, and release joints from strain. Each person does what his/her body allows. Nothing more. While consistent and continuous practice is needed to achieve and maintain those benefits, many students notice a difference only after a few yoga classes. Our 50+ class at Shorewood consists of three sections: 1) focusing, centering on breath, 2) physical practice of performing simple movements / poses in chair and standing to release joints, strengthen muscles and increase flexibility. Finally, 3) each class concludes with a focus on breath and progressive body scan, which results in relaxation and a release of tension in your body. JOIN US, give yourself a gift of self-care. 1451 Spruce Street, Florence, OR 97439 | 7