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s tarting the Conversation Confessions of a Caregiver: Finding your Balance 2. Prioritize. Look at that “to do” list. Determine what needs your immediate attention and which requires the least. Organize accordingly, allowing things that need moderate attention to fall in between. 4. Take care of your health. Make sure you are getting enough sleep. Lack of sleep leads to irritability and poor concentration. Choose healthy food options. Consuming a well-balanced diet leaves you feeling full longer and gives you the energy needed to make it through your day. Stay hydrated and exercise frequently. Exercise is a great way to improve your mental health and mood, it boosts your energy levels and helps aid in a better night’s sleep. 5. Find a support system. Having someone you can talk to and voice your concerns and frustrations can help relieve those overwhelming feelings. Finding a support group with others who are dealing with similar issues can be very beneficial. I recognize that making myself a priority and taking care of me assures that I can still be the Superwoman I aim to be for those who depend on me. • • • • • Jennnifer Milne is the Community Relations Director at Pennington Gardens Assisted Living located in Chandler, Arizona. Contact her at June: Non-profit Fair: All non-profits are invited to participate. Call Shorewood for more information. Every Tuesday at 9:30am: Wellness workshop. Focusing on nutrition and brain health. Every 4th Thursday at 8:30 am: Men Only Breakfast. Pinochle games on Tuesday and Thursday at 1 pm - Join us! All are welcome! To receive more information on these or other activities, please contact Beth at 541.997.8202/ 1451 Spruce Street, Florence, OR 97439 1. Take time for yourself. The most important thing you can do is to revisit the hobbies you’ve put off enjoying - reconnecting with friends, finding a quiet place to read, going to a movie, or planning a date with your spouse. Do whatever you love that helps you recharge. 3. Ask for help. There is no shame in asking for someone to help tackle that to do list. Sometimes I find it difficult to manage my day to day tasks. Between family, work, home, and other activities, it leaves me stressed, and feeling like there is not enough time in my day to accomplish all the “to do’s “on my growing “to do” list. Juggling my schedule and trying to find balance can leave me feeling both physically and emotionally drained. I often find myself seriously considering that if human cloning were a possibility, I’d have another one or two of me made. Since human cloning isn’t an option at this point, and the world isn’t ready for multiple Jennifer’s, I try to live by a few of the following suggestions. | 3