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from the President Does a company’s mission statement mean anything? That is a question that I did not think about much until we started Compass Senior Living. I have been involved in other companies that had “mission and “values”. My Dennis Garboden, President statements” Compass Senior Living experience was that these were words that some in the company thought were a requirement to have as a company – but they had no actual meaning – and no Life. When we started Compass Senior Living, we wanted a company that was founded on the belief that we are good people that will surround ourselves with good people. When we’d try and define the “type” of person we wanted to be associated with – the simplest and truest description was simply…Goodness. So, when we were planning our new company in 2013 we knew that we wanted to have a Mission Statement that would describe us and describe those we wanted to associate ourselves with. We chose four words: Goodness, Loyalty, Faith, Fun. Goodness – Be good, do good. Loyalty – Be loyal to one another and have one another’s back, especially in hard times. Faith – Have faith that if you do the right things – the right things will happen. Fun – in work, in life, in relationships…it is important to have balance and fun can be that balance. “Guided by Goodness, Loyalty, Faith, and Fun” became our mission. This statement guides our decision-making. We ask ourselves when interviewing – Is this person someone that is good and loyal? Has the faith to do the right thing? Laugh easily and smile often? Goodness is true north. This formed our “Compass” and in doing so, we not only have our mission statement for guidance – but we can also ask what our true north direction is. Is it goodness? Would you like a FREE subscription to True North Living Magazine? Please email or call 541.997.8202 or stop by 1451 Spruce Street, Florence, OR. To learn more about True North Elderhood, check out our website at or follow our True North Elderhood blog at 2 | 541.997.8202 Shorewood Senior Living