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GRAVOGRAPH OPEN DAYS Gravograph held open days in Leamington Spa Once again Gravograph’s doors were open for the public to discover the latest innovations in marking and engraving. The four-day event was a great success with all visitors having one-to-one demonstrations of all systems and the first time presentation of several new laser engraving machines. The LS900 EDGE laser combines both CO2 and Fibre source inside a single machine, allowing to mark directly onto metal as well as plastic, wood, glass and more in one operation. And as with all Gravograph latest machines the LS900 EDGE automatically detects the part to be marked and adjusts to the optimal distance without user intervention. A great time saving feature – and also a money saving feature as it prevents incorrect machine setup which in turn results in scrapped items. Several other all-new high speed marking lasers were presented for the first time during the Open Days. The Hybrid laser, which is fitted with a source that will last over 100,000 hours can mark a wide range of metal and plastics at speeds up to 10,000 mm/s. Blink and you will miss it. The Green laser produces ‘cold marking’, meaning that it will generate little heat when marking the part and is therefore particularly suited for precious metals and plastics. In addition it can produce incredibly detailed engraving with a graphic definition as fine as 15 microns (that is 0.015mm line thickness). The high speed galvo CO2 C-series lasers were also presented ahead of their official launch early 2018. They received an 4 NOVEMBER 2017 enthusiastic welcome highlighting the potential for this ultra-high speed plastic and organic material laser. Visitors were also given the opportunity to try the current range of ‘traditional’ lasers, like the LS100 series which has now become a common sight in engraving and trophy workshops. The LS100 was described by one visitors (who owns three of them) as “a workhorse performing like a racehorse”. In other words: reliability and performance. Many visitors were also impressed with the variety of materials the LS100 can tackle: engraving laminate, traffolyte, wood, glass, rubber, anodised aluminium and even stainless steel. As a matter of fact, several LS100 lasers are now on their way to companies for the purpose of marking stainless steel and other metallic items. It wasn’t all about lasers though! The M20 mechanical engraving machines still proved to be very popular among our visitors, with another visitor describing the machine as a ‘practical and compact solution’ after receiving a one to one demonstration. The M20 is one of the lightest and smallest machines in our range. With its compact design and just 10kg in weight, this machine can be easily moved for use at fairs or events. Finally anyone interested in large format engravers was able to take advantage of the current offer on the IS900 model, available with 33% discount (while stocks last). The newly introduced range of machines from Gravograph brings ease of use to the forefront. Never before has there been a selection of machines which offers such a user-friendly interface and wide range of features to make the task of engraving less of a challenge. The Gravograph open days gave everyone the opportunity to benefit from our experts’ vast knowledge of all engraving applications. Several visitors asked the same question: why does Gravograph have so many different machine types in their range? The answer is simple: so we can give impartial advice as to which technology is best suited for a specific application. If you were unable to attend our open days this November don’t worry! Simply contact us on 01926 884433 so that we can arrange a personal demonstration of our laser and engraving machines in one of our showrooms or at your premises. twitter: @trophexlive