Trophex November 2018 Trophex November 2017 Email - Page 4

A WORD FROM THE TROPHEX TEAM Welcome to TROPHEX MAGAZINE Welcome to this month’s Trophex magazine. All of the latest news from your industry. With just under two months until Trophex Live on 14th & 15th January 2018, preparation for the show is now in full swing. The marketing and promotional campaign is underway and you can register to attend the show by visiting Jane Soones Editor The Trophex Live Theatre returns again with a series of informative seminars during both days of the show. Giving you a chance to find out more about various topics within your industry. You can get more information on the Trophex website about the seminars and get the latest announcements on the show as they happen. Tracey Greenfield Event & Sales Manager Telephone: 01442 826826 Another great addition to Trophex Live is the new workshop sessions being held by Creative Design Agency. We recommend these valuable workshops which cover topics such as How to Make Google Happy and Social Media. These are on a first come first served basis, so if you are interested in attending one of the workshops please visit to secure your place today. In this month's Trophex magazine we feature the latest news from Trophex Live 2018, if you are in the awards, trophy, engraving and personalisation industry this is show you cannot afford to miss. Also this month Biemans introduce a Trophy Marker Labelprinter, a lost cost alternative to laser or engraving of trophies and medals. TheMagicTouch confirm their appointment as exclusive distributors for the UK & Ireland for Duraluxe HD Metal. Trotec Laser celebrate 20 years as a global market leader in laser machines. And Trophex magazine introduces Jason Burke as the new Acco VBvW"f '&GfF7F26FB7V6Ɨ6W2&FW&6F6RvRRRV&VFrF2F2G&WvRG&WvRr2fW"R7V'67&&W'0FRTBGfW'F6r&FW2&RWG&VVǐ6WFFfRf"&V6r7V6F&vWFVBVFV6RFW&R2v2FR'GVGf"VFF&2vVbR&RV6rWr&GV7G2"fP6RW6FrWw2F6&RW7BR7W&RF6V@F&Vv&W72&VV6W2FRBvRvFW"&W7BF6VFRFVFRvRFRWB77VRbG&WvR2FRFV6V&W G&W6rwVFRFW&Rv&RWG&6W2&FV@bF277VRf"f6F'2FFR6rW7B6F7BG&6Wf"FRf&FRVVBF6V7W&RW GfW'F6rF277VRखbRvVBƖRFW&BBG&WƗfR#B27FBFFRFW&R&Rǒ6WRb7FG0f&R66F7BG&6WF&W6W'fRW"6RFFvRf'v&BFV&rg&PB6VVrRBG&WƗfR#दRBG&6Wf6CwwrG&W6FVWSCBCC"#c#`v&RGFVFrFP6V֖'2vR( ЦBFRW&FऒvBFF67W70'W6W72vFWr@W7Fr7WƖW'0VVB6RGf6Pg&WW'G0FRGW7G'e$TRDEDTB4ĔTD%4"$p dT$U"#p( rf"Wp&GV7G2BG&VG0f"FR6֖rV vBF6VRFPW6W6fRƗfPFV7G&F0v&RRbFPf'7BF6WFRWp6V6( 26FwVW0wwrG&W6Ч&VBƖSwwrG&W6