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LASER Epilog Customer Success Story: Celeste Watch Co. Watch company using Epilog Systems to laser cut inlays. Look at any of the creations from the Celeste Watch Company and it’s easy to see the creativity and precision that goes into each and every product. Read on to learn how Celeste creates these amazing laser cut inlays. Owner Celeste Wong spends a great deal of time and energy designing and creating each piece of her laser engraved watches, and one of the primary tools that helps her accomplish this is her 60-watt Fusion M2 32 from Epilog Laser. After ramping up for nearly two years, the Celeste Watch Company officially launched in 2015. For the past two years Celeste has been utilising laser technology to bring her creative visions to life; “I wanted to produce watches unlike any other I had seen,” said Celeste. “A watch is a precision instrument so whatever I chose to create my dials needed to produce ultra fine lines and be repeatable.” A laser was the obvious choice but she didn’t actually start her business venture with an Epilog. “In the early days, I wanted to make wooden mechanical clocks, and I started out with a small Chinese water-cooled engraver,” explains Celeste. “The laser was terrible. I spent days trying to focus it across the entire bed. My projects weren’t turning out, and I knew I could do better,” she said. “I started researching other manufacturers out of sheer frustration with the machine." "Working with the Chinese system was certainly frustrating, but it did open my eyes to what a higher-quality laser could do,” Celeste said. “I was definitely a laser beginner, but I knew I needed a laser that could accommodate both a shorter and longer lens for the types of projects I wanted Octopus inlay. 22 to take on. I also wanted a laser that wouldn’t burn the materials I wanted to cut, as well as one that could engrave at multiple heights.” the system and comfortable with different applications, Celeste told us the Epilog has really allowed her to grow her business, which is now thriving. Celeste told us a friend of hers had recently purchased an Epilog and raved about it. That, in addition to the features mentioned above, and the fact that the Fusion series is Mac-compatible, made Epilog the clear choice for Celeste. “Without my Epilog system, I would never be able to create such 饹Ё݅э)̳t͡ͅqѡȁѡ$ٔ)䁱͕ȁ́ѡЁЁ́䁝Ѽ)ݡٕȁ$ѡѼ)䁍䁉ѕȰ$ѡѡ͕ȁи)ȁᅵЁݕѼɕє݅э)́ȁѥم́ѡЁ$ٕȁ͕)ɔt͡ͅ)ͭ єЁѡɹ)ٔ͡ɥɕ٥ѡ)qQ́Ѽ͔)ոЁЁѽЁ啅ȁѼЁɕ)хݥѠЁЁݽ䁅)ѥѡѕt͡ͅ)́͡ɹѡѥ́ѡ) єѕ́́͡é)хх܁ٕɔ)ɥєɽ̸qQɽ́$х)ɔѥɔɅєt͡ͅq)ᅵɕЁɽЁ͕ā́)͡ĸԵQɔ)݅ѡ́ݽձͥݥѡЁѡ)͡ѕȁ́́ѥQɔ$)ݽɬݥѠѡ͕Ȱѡѕȁ$лt)9ܰ є͕́ѡ͕ȁȁͽѡ)Ёɥѥѥ́ȁͥ̃L)ɕѥ݅э̰݅э̀Ѡ)履ݽ݅э̰ѡ)̰ɽѥѕ́ȁѡ))%ѕɵ́ѕɥ̰ є́͡ͅ)Ё͡5ѡȁAɰݽ)ѡȸ+q1ѕ䰁'eٔͼѥ́ݽ)履ȁ̳t͡ѽ̸)Mɔݱ)Mѱ)9=Y5 H)]Ё́ȁ䁅͕+q%ӊéͼٔͅ䀴ѡЁ)ɍͥ݅эչٕ́݅́(Ёͥ䁱͕ȁݥѠ)履Ȱ$ѡ́ȁչ($䁽ݸͥ́)Ёٕѡ͔ѡЁ$Ѽɽє)͕t)%ԁݽձѼЁɔ)ɵѥЁѡɅ)1͕ȁѕ͔́х) M$5ՙɥ1ѕ%ɕ)5Ё-݅)聕ͥ)Q̀Ā) M$5ՙɥ1ѕU,)ٔ5ձ)聥ͥլ)Q܀) ѕݽ݅э)ݥѕɽᱥٔ