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OKI Pro8432WT TMT A3 Colour + White Toner Printer New Feature: print white first with colour on top in a single pass with the new SpaceControl4 print utility software. For regular shape designs on light colour fabrics such as cotton, canvas and polyester. Self-weeding paper for freeform designs on any light to mid-colour fabrics. Used in conjunction with T.Foil for metallic effects. Self-weeding paper for freeform designs onto dark fabrics inc cotton, polyester, leather, performance fabrics and more. For regular shape designs on dark fabrics. For hard even surfaces such as wood, metal and glass as well as PU and leather. For hard surfaces with a rough finish such as unplaned wood, slate and stone. Water slide release. Decorate candles, ceramics and decals for models. For awards, glass and acrylic. Temporary tattoo paper for decorating skin and nails. Print in full colour + white on a huge variety of objects up to A3 in size with the OKI Pro8432WT and our comprehensive range of award winning transfer papers. Powered by bespoke SpaceControl4 print utility software and 3 Year Warranty.