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TROPHIES, AWARDS & ENGRAVING Biemans Introduces Trophy Marker Labelprinter For this years collection Biemans has included the Altec Trophy Marker labelprinter. Having an engraving or laser machine is no longer necessary when you have this machine on your desk. It provides a low cost, fast and easy to use solution for personalisation of both trophies and medals. Although the printer takes only a small amount of space, it delivers reliable, superior performance. Top Assets of the Trophy Marker: Simple automatic callibration of the labels Easy switching between different labels and sizes Works with labelrolls of 300meter Alignment of labels to the centre which guarantees sharp printing quality 8 NOVEMBER 2017 This printer provides thermal transfer printing at user selectable speed of 50, 63, 76 mm/s. It accepts roll feed labels which we provide in transparent round medal X[›X][HYY[\H]\YB[ ^\[[[\X[˂[ۈ\H^[]H[\ܝ[[ۋ\[[H[\ܝ\H[[[›وY\[[ܛX][ۈ[H]Xۙ˜]]X]H[\ܚ˂[H[[HYY]܈[[›X[]\[\[\YY\HH[\[X[›ۈ[\YY[[YZ[X[]Z[[HX\H\XKH[\[][H\Yۈ][ۈX[]B[HHܝ[]HZH[\][B\[Y[[[]\ۈH HHX\\Y\\]H]]\[ٝ\H]H[[Y[[ۂX[ܛX]]Z[XKHٝ\H\X\B\H[ܚ\ZH[H\ٙXB\Yܘ[K]\[\[ۜ܈^B[۝܈[\^ [\\H\Y[\]\X܈۝X\][Y[X[˘B܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۋ]\H[[]X[]Hو H[[[۝[[XY\˂]\^]