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SUPPLIES & SERVICES BESPOKE LOGOS SPECIALS BUDGET CONTEMPORARY DESKTOP MAPS SCREEN PRINTING Meet the Kornit Storm HEXA. 30% more colo color options, industrial technology, less expense. 30% 30 % more mor e colour c olour options, options , less expense e xpense I Integrated n t eg r a t ed humidit humidity y sy system st em & fully automated aut oma t ed maintenance main t enanc e pr procedures. oc edur es . I Ink nk recirculation r ecir cula tion incr increases eases pr production oduc tion r reliability eliabilit y and reduces r educ es printing pr in ting costs. c osts . Kornit Kor nit patented pa t en t ed integrated in t eg r a t ed pretreatment, pr etr ea tmen t , elimina eliminates t es s the need for f o or any an y external e x t er nal pretreatment pr etr ea tmen t pr process! oc ess! w w w .adelc o .c o .uk - sales@adelc o .c o .uk - 28 MAY 2017 01420 488388 read online: