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SUBLIMATION Steps forward in digital decoration Over the past few years, huge steps have been made in the digital printing arena and none more so than in the area of dye sublimation. This unique approach to decoration has benefi ted from tireless research and now boasts photographic print quality, as well as increased reliability and a continually growing range of printable items. Nova Chrome UK have been at the forefront of much of this development, introducing to the market many of the products that are available today, and pushing the boundaries of the quality that has been vital to the success of sublimation. This means that Nova Chrome’s customers benefit from a wealth of knowledge. Premium quality ink for excellent results Nova Chrome UK recommends Sawgrass’ SubliJet ink for its vibrancy and consistent quality. Paired with the Virtuoso line of printers, this ink delivers low cost, maintenance free printing in the form of individual colour cartridges. The Virtuoso platform offers options for all types of user. The Virtuoso SG400 is an A4 desktop unit that offers the advantage of low start-up costs, 22 MAY 2017 whilst still benefiting from the quality and reliability that the name offers. The SG800 offers similar performance, but with lower printing costs and the capability to produce A3 sized prints – or A3+, if used with the separately available Bypass Tray. Finally, for those in production environments, the Virtuoso line offers the VJ-628. This 24.8” width printer is available with a range of inksets to suit most conceivable applications – Dual CMYK for volume production and speed, Pro-Photo for fine art and photographic quality, an Expanded Gamut set for a wider range of reproducible spot colours, and finally, a Fluorescent ink set – ideally suited to fabrics and safety signage. Supplied with the system is Virtuoso Print Manager, an exciting new software package designed to enhance the capabilities of the platform. This unique development offers RIP-like features, and printer management features for all of the Virtuoso systems currently available. VPM has the ability to layout and nest jobs to save media, as well as correct colour for individual substrates. In addition, VPM supports a system of 'Hot Folders' and Web-to-Print workflows, helping to speed up throughput. Virtuoso Print Manager is supplied free of charge with all Sawgrass Virtuoso printers from Nova Chrome, and existing users can upgrade by visiting Sawgrass' website. Exciting new developments in Heat Presses A range of heat transfer presses is also available, including Nova Chrome's extremely affordable Multi-Function Mug presses. These versatile machines are supplied in a two or four element configuration, allowing imprinting of up to 10 different styles of mug. For imprinting flat items, a flatbed press is a must - the most popular being Nova Chrome’s 15" x 20" Ultra Deep Impact Press. With a pressing area larger than A3+ and the capacity to accept items up to 60mm deep, the majority of Nova Chrome’s items can be decorated with this press (when using an appropriate printer). For those seeking larger print areas, or volume production capabilities, large format A1 Pneumatic presses are also available. Capable of pressing individual items up to 100 x 70cm, this unit is well suited to the production of signage, large photo panels and may also be used to produce textile based items such as full print cushions, t-shirts and soft signage. read online: