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PRINTING Prime Group lead the way with DTG Europe! The award winning experts in mass personalisation and customisation for print & digital integrate Direct-to-garment printing into their workflow, saving money whilst producing a high-quality on-trend print. The Client: Prime Group Products: Award winning experts in mass personalisation and customisation for print and digital. Typical Customers: Retailers, marketers, FMCG brands and more. Problems: Prime Group’s Operations Director, Adrian Tolley, met Your Embroidery Services (YES) and was introduced to their DTG Digital Europe range of products from YES’s sister company, Impression Technology Europe. They selected the DTG M2 Direct-to-Garment printer, a pre-treatment machine and a heat press. A Prime Group client was launching a personalised story book with an accompanying personalised t-shirt. Orders would be taken on-line, and effectively each garment print is individual with varying quantities of daily orders. The YES team worked with Prime to optimise the print process. The end result was 59p per print. The decoration on the shirt needed to be on-trend, and the print of a high quality, yet ALSO offer an effective ROI as regards cost per print. The two companies also collaborated on Prime’s leading edge automated workflow, creating hot folders and plugins that would streamline each order. The technology also needed to be scalable to cope with increased orders, and be adaptable to the automated workflow within the company. Prime appreciate the locality of YES, but are also 100% confident that they can also pick up the phone. Prime Group struggled to find a piece of equipment that would satisfy all of their requirements. Ink cost-wise it was nearly the detriment of the project; for example another DTG (Direct-to-Garment) machine printed the design at £2.93 per print which was cost prohibitive. 18 Solution: MAY 2017 The solution can print onto dark shirts at a high level of quality. Adrian told us: “I have a background in print and as a company we started life as a printer so when it came to printing on textiles I was very thorough and tested various solutions. read online: