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Trip To Central Tibet Tibet has captured the minds and imaginations of travelers and adventurers for hundreds of years. Central Tibet is additionally a part of the Autonomous region of Sitsang (TAR), China. It occupies 1/4 of Tibetan land. It is the foremost popular and center of all cultural and spiritual activities. All major cities and cities are situated in central Tibet. Center Tibet tour takes you to the region of Sitsangan highland and explores the cultural and historical landmarks of the most important cities in central Tibet, Tsedang, Syame, Gyantse, Shigatse and of course Lhasa. If you're curious about ancient Sitsangan history and culture then center Tibet tour is for you because the visit to ancient cultural sites of central Tibet enhances the expertise of healthy architecture and cultural heritage sites justifying rich cultural wealth of Tibet. The sheer grandeur of Potala Palace, the active Barkhor market, Drepung monastery, the biggest monastery in Sitsang, and Jokhang Temple,the foremost sacred and also the oldest temple in Sitsang are the main cultural and historical landmarks to go to in Lhasa in central Tibet tour. Centers Tibet tour begin from the recent Tibetan capital Lhasa you'll be driven to Gyantse and Shigatse, the 2 most significant cities after Lhasa. As you're driven along the central Tibetan upland, you'll get to visualize the previous forts and stronghold of the Tibetan kings, nice monasteries with histories as recent as Sitsang, caves painted with lovely murals that were used as retreats by Buddhist monks and also the hardy Tibetans whose religion and belief in Buddhism is woven into their lifestyle. Scenic vistas just like the one at the Yamdrok-Tso Lake and also the snowy summit of Nazin Kang SA (7252m) are going to be a treat for eyes. In Lhasa, you'll get to visit the imposing Potala Palace, the luxurious Norbulingka (summer retreat of Dalai Lama), the glorious Sera monastery, the holy Jokhang Temple and also the busy Barkhor square, the nerve center of Lhasa. If you really want to Visit Central Tibet Then you can contact Basanta Tibet tours and travels for an affordable Tibet Tour