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I Want to Go There | U.S. West MEOW WOLF SANTA FE Meow Wolf “Game of Thrones” novelist George R.R. Martin and the Santa Fe, New Mexico-based arts production company Meow Wolf have teamed up to open a large-scale, multi-use arts complex in the city. Meow Wolf leased a former bowling alley from Martin and completed a multimillion-dollar renovation, turning the space into artist studios, galleries, a community learning center and a permanent attraction called “House of Eternal Return.” The center features the work of more than 75 artists and has become a creative anchor in Santa Fe’s emerging Midtown Innovation District. “The permanent art complex opened in March and has already hit its annual goals in numbers and revenue in two months,” said Tourism Santa Fe’s David Carr. “This is a 20,000-square-foot electronic and tactile multimedia art experience for all ages and interests.” Meow Wolf is known for immersive exhibits that incorporate digital technology, storytelling and interactivity, and “House of Eternal Return” combines all of those elements. Visitors walk through a surreal imagining of a Victorian home as part of a narrative that moves through 26 trip planner time and fantasy dimensions. The building also is home to MAKE Santa Fe and Chimera—Meow Wolf’s non-profit educational outreach program—which both offer hands-on workshops and interactive demonstrations. To learn more, contact David Carr of Tourism Santa Fe at dacarr@ or visit TOP ATTRACTIONS The Railyard, the Canyon Road District, Museum Hill TOP FESTIVALS Santa Fe Opera (June to August 2017), Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival (July to August 2017) TOP CULINARY EXPERIENCES The Santa Fe Margarita Trail, Santa Fe School of Cooking restaurant tours