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impact all on-campus under- graduate students, including students who live on campus or commute to campus. The tuition reduction plan will not impact online or graduate program costs as the University of the Cumberlands believes those programs already are affordably priced. The University of the Cumberlands has experienced enrollment growth over the last five years allowing this tuition reduction to take place. "We feel this tuition model will allow us to grow undergraduate enrollment further, thus sustaining the new tuition model," according to the university's website. While cuts are being made to tuition, Cockrum pointed out there will be no cuts in programs or services provided to students. Additionally, there will be no reduction in faculty or staff. “This university has done all the right things in recent years to make the student experience the best that it can be,” said Jackson. “We experienced growth this fall beyond our pro- jections in undergraduate enrollment, and we have grown in that regard for the last five years. With a transparent pric- ing model that reduces tuition costs, we expect even more students to find Cumberlands the perfect fit for them.” The room and board plan will also remain the same at $9,300 per year for students who live on campus. The campus has College students at UC host an annual Shoes 4 the Soul event in which they engage with children in the commu- nity as they washed their feet, asking them their favorite subjects and talking with them about a variety of topics. housing available for 1,600 stu- dents and University of the Cumberlands officials believe that will continue to be enough housing for the growth in enroll- ment that they expect. “The Cumberlands Commitment we’re making today means that out of pocket costs will not increase for any of our students,” said Cockrum. “We will continue to work each and everyday to make tuition affordable to anyone who has dreams of higher educa- tion and greater opportunity.” Under the tuition reduction plan, the average incoming Kentucky student is expected to save nearly $3,200, totaling $12,800 over their college career. Cockrum provided an example of one current student from Kentucky with $5,500 per year in student loan debt. Under the new plan, that same student will save $3,873 and incur $1,627 of ADULT EDUCATION SCHOOLS BOSTON ELEMENTARY 3291 HWY 1804 WILLIAMSBURG TELEPHONE — 606-549-7872 PUBLIC EDUCATION OAK GROVE ELEMENTARY 4505 CUMBERLAND FALLS HIGHWAY CORBIN TELEPHONE — 606-549-7867 WHITLEY COUNTY ADULT EDUCATION 116 N. 4TH ST. WILLIAMSBURG TELEPHONE — 606-549-7001 WILLIAMSBURG INDEPENDENT WWW.WBURG.K12.KY.US/ 1000 MAIN STREET WILLIAMSBURG TELEPHONE — 606-549-6044 SUPERINTENDENT — AMON COUCH WHITLEY COUNTY WWW.WHITLEY.K12.KY.US/ CENTRAL OFFICE 300 MAIN STREET WILLIAMSBURG TELEPHONE — 606-549-7000 SUPERINTENDENT — JOHN SILER student loan debt per year. Upon graduation, that student could see a monthly student loan pay- ment drop from $200 to $70. Kentucky students, like the one Cockrum described, make up 53 percent of the student body at Cumberlands. The University began the 2018 fall term with 1,366 students on campus. On average, current students will see a cost savings of $1,298. WHITLEY CENTRAL PRIMARY 520 BOULEVARD OF CHAMPIONS WILLIAMSBURG TELEPHONE — 606-549-7060 PLEASANT VIEW ELEMENTARY 5554 HWY 25W SOUTH WILLIAMSBURG TELEPHONE — 606-549-7085 WHITLEY CENTRAL INTERMEDIATE 2940 NORTH HWY 25W WILLIAMSBURG TELEPHONE — 606-549-8011 WHITLEY COUNTY EAST 13781 EAST HWY 92 SILER TELEPHONE — 606-549-7097 WHITLEY COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL 350 BOULLEVARD OF CHAMPIONS WILLIAMSBURG TELEPHONE — 606-549-7025 WHITLEY COUNTY MIDDLE SCHOOL 351 BOULEVARD OF CHAMPIONS WILLIAMSBURG TELEPHONE — 606-549-7050 WHITLEY COUNTY NORTH 6670 HWY 26 ROCKHOLDS TELEPHONE — 606-549-7869 The Times-Tribune • Community Guide 2019 — Page 37