TriCounty Community Guide 2019 - Page 36

EDUCATION STUDENT PROFILE: — Enrollment: 11,696 — Student to teacher ratio: 17:1 — High school students enrolled in dual- enrollment/dual-credit courses: 874 — Undergraduate residential: 1,366 — Undergraduate online: 856 — Graduate: 9,005 — Students receiving financial aid 99% — Female: 48% — Male: 52% — 26% are first-generation college student Rebecca Loftus from Danville, with the help of her family, moved her things into her new home for the next four years in August 2018. Loftus is a stu- dent-athlete and is a member of the University of the Cumberlands women's swim team. HIGHER EDUCATION UNIVERSITY OF THE CUMBERLANDS MAIN CAMPUS 6178 COLLEGE STATION DRIVE WILLIAMSBURG TELEPHONE — 877-713-8767 NORTHERN KENTUCKY CAMPUS 410 MEIJER DRIVE FLORENCE The University of the Cumber- lands continues to offer promising students of all backgrounds a broad based liberal arts program enriched with Christian values. The Uni- versity strives for excellence in all of its endeavors and expects from students a similar dedication to this pursuit. Its commitment to a strong academic program is joined with a commitment to a strong work ethic. UC encourages students to think critically and creatively so that they may better prepare themselves for lives of responsible service and leadership. WILLIAMSBURG — University of the Cumberlands announced in the fall of 2018 that it will reduce tuition by 57 percent for on-cam- pus undergraduate students beginning in the next academic year. The tuition cut comes as part of an initiative called The Cumberlands Commitment in which the financial aid process for students will be more transparent and allow for more students and parents to see what the actual cost of col- lege will be. “We are making this change because we are committed to putting our students and families first by addressing the most significant hurdle to a college education, affordability,” said Cumberlands President Dr. Larry L. Cockrum. “We want all students to know that with Cumberlands there is a clear and affordable path to a college degree.” The initiative, called The Cumberlands Commitment, is a component of the University’s mission to serve students and families through- out the Appalachian Region. Currently, 82 per- cent of Cumberlands students come from Appalachia. The Cumberlands Commitment will: — Reduce tuition for the 2019-2020 academic year by 57 percent from $23,000 to $9,875 — Reduce the total annual cost of attending Cumberlands from $32,000 to $19,175 Page 36 — The Times-Tribune • Community Guide 2019 — Maintain a scholarship system for academic, athletic and extracurricular awards The University of the Cumberlands' website further explains that the old tuition pricing structure "creates a perception that a Cumberlands education is not affordable for many of the families we serve throughout the Appalachian region." The new tuition reduction plan shows a simpli- fied financial aid process where it eliminates the complicated and extensive scholarship system so that students and families can see the true costs of college. Vice-President for Enrollment Dr. Jerry Jackson said that the families and prospective students didn't understand that the price they saw wasn't what it typically ended up being after scholarships and financial aid. The University of the Cumberlands is commit- ted to keeping the tuition at this reduced rate for at least four years before reevaluating and seeing if it will remain the same, increase or decrease, Cockrum said. Under the new pricing model, the University of the Cumberlands will offer the lowest tuition of any private university in Kentucky and also offer tuition comparable to every public four-year institution in the state. The tuition plan will Continued on 37 >>>